Child Stars Who Left Hollywood For Good

Child stars are a big part of Hollywood. Let’s face it, not every movie can feature a cast that is made entirely of adults. Despite the child labor laws, kids have been featured prominently in film and television throughout modern history. That includes networks like Nickelodeon, which are devoted entirely to kids programming.

But sometimes, these young child stars hit big at an early age and then sort of disappear shortly after. Let’s look at a whole bunch of kids you may remember from your favorite movies and TV shows that either quietly settled down or walked away from Hollywood entirely.

1. Daniel Tay

James Caan, Will Ferrell, and Daniel Tay in Elf

James Caan, Will Ferrell, and Daniel Tay in Elf | New Line Cinema

You will remember Daniel Tay as James Caan’s son in Elf, or Will Ferrell’s half-brother, Michael. Elf was Tay’s first big role, but he disappeared shortly after. He has popped up here and there, playing the role of Max in the 2006 comedy Beer League, but hasn’t done much other than lend his voice in a handful of video games.

Tay is currently in his mid-20s.

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