Chip and Joanna Gaines Just Announced They Might Try for Baby Number 6

Fans were surprised when Chip and Joanna Gaines announced their fifth pregnancy and welcomed baby Crew into the family in June of 2018. After all, their four other children were much older than the new baby – their youngest daughter, Emmie Kay, was born in 2010. Many people assumed the couple was done having children.

But the Gaineses have professed that they love having a big family and welcomed the news of their new arrival with joy and excitement. Joanna set up a sweet, chic nursery and everyone in the household succumbed to baby fever the moment their beautiful baby boy was born. He fit right into the clan.

With five children in their home, surely fans expected that Chip and Joanna Gaines were done having kids. Right? Well, not quite.

Chip revealed that he wants at least one more baby

Joanna Gaines baby bump

Chip and Joanna Gaines | Chip Gaines via Instagram

In a shocking interview with People magazine, Chip Gaines revealed that the pair would most likely try baby number six soon.

He said, “It’s hard to believe this little turkey will only be 10 years old when Emmie is graduating from high school. I think we have to have another one because I’m particular about the only child thing. Crew needs a sister to manage this whole thing out. Don’t be surprised if No. 6 is in the cards!”

You can’t argue with that reasoning. It seems far off now, but it won’t be long before the older four are grown and out of the house, leaving little Crew to grow up as an only child. It would be a vastly different childhood compared to his older siblings.

Does Joanna want to have another?

Joanna Gaines

Joanna Gaines and Crew | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

Is Joanna on board? It seems likely. While her fifth pregnancy was reportedly harder than the first four, she still seems so happy now that Crew is here. She has said, “I was limping into work and I couldn’t breathe. At 40, it’s definitely a little different.”

But despite the physical toll of pregnancy, in the past she’s mentioned that she’s “open to whatever happens” when it comes to having more kids. Plus, her sister just had a baby, so the cousins would be growing up together. It was the sixth baby for their family and it’s quite possible Joanna will want to catch up with her.

Anything is possible

Even the Gaineses can’t predict whether a new baby is in the future, but they at least seem open to the idea of it. No matter what, they’ll most likely plan to add their next baby soon so the two siblings will be close in age like the older Gaines kids are.

Stay tuned to see what happens next!