Chip and Joanna Gaines Just Teased New Magnolia Network Content and Fans Are Thrilled About It

Launching a television network during a global pandemic was not part of Chip and Joanna Gaines’ plan and yet here we are. The renovation experts found fame and fortune hosting their HGTV smash hit Fixer Upper, which ended in 2018. Fans were delighted to find out Chip and Joanna were reprising the series on their brand-new Magnolia Network.

But so far no one knows when that’s going to happen. The network, which will take the place of DIY under the Discovery umbrella, has already faced two delays. Now, they’re hoping to premiere in 2021.

In the meantime Chip and Joanna are doing their best to keep the hype alive. Earlier in 2020 they aired a special sneak peek featuring snippets from all the confirmed new shows which will debut along with Magnolia. And more recently, they offered a deeper look into the highly anticipated series, The Lost Kitchen.

‘The Lost Kitchen’ is one of Magnolia Network’s most exciting projects

Every show on Magnolia is bound to become a hit because Chip and Joanna have impeccable taste. However, fans are especially excited to learn more about Erin French and her dreamy, romantic, highly exclusive restaurant in Freedom, Maine. The Lost Kitchen will tell her story and follow life in the restaurant by the same name.

The most intriguing thing about The Lost Kitchen is how unique it is. They’ll only accept reservations via postcard and strictly limit seating to 50 patrons per night. Also, French only hires women to work in the kitchen and waitress the tables.

The Lost Kitchen looks way different now than it did when the first season of the show was filmed. Currently, French is earning revenue from an online farmers market plus accepting dining patrons outdoors for lunch. She’s hoping to re-open the restaurant portion soon and will surely benefit from always having limited seating.

Chip and Joanna Gaines shared a sneak peek of ‘The Lost Kitchen’

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The Gaineses gave a short synopsis of The Lost Kitchen during the Magnolia Network preview special. But then they drummed up even more excitement by sharing a longer discussion on Instagram in August. It’s all part of the plan to keep fans excited about the Magnolia network launch next year.

The clip Joanna shared featured the couple speaking with French about changes she’s planning and updates with the restaurant. She said she’s been making the best of things amid the pandemic, such as offering the outdoor lunch option and launching the online farmer’s market.

French is also planning to create a “glamping” spot within walking distance of The Lost Kitchen where patrons can spend the night stargazing after a hearty meal.

‘The Lost Kitchen’ looks like a dream come true

Fans fell for the fantasy of Fixer Upper, and based on the preview alone, that same inexplicable magic is present on The Lost Kitchen. With the idyllic setting, peculiar reservation protocol, and strong female entrepreneur host, it’s evident that Magnolia fans are going to fall in love with French just like they did with the Gaineses.

Get your postcards ready, because when reservations for The Lost Kitchen open again, you may want to be on the list.