These Are the Cutest Chip and Joanna Moments You Saw on ‘Fixer Upper’

When Chip and Joanna Gaines decided to bring Fixer Upper to an end so that they could spend more time with their family, fans understood. But lots of people also felt sad about the end of an era. Where else were we going to go for renovation advice and picture-perfect design inspiration?

Fortunately, HGTV knows that we miss the Fixer Upper duo. In addition to catching reruns of the show — or streaming the entire thing when you need a serious fix — you can watch the new Behind the Design spinoff. But sometimes, you don’t have time to watch an entire episode and need a quick dose of Chip and Joanna. And fortunately, HGTV has your back. The network has shared some adorable Chip and Joanna GIFs on Giphy. Check out our favorites, ahead!

1. This ‘I told you so’ moment

We might not remember for sure which Fixer Upper episode this GIF — which HGTV shared on GIPHYcomes from. But we can definitely say this: This looks like an “I told you so” moment! Joanna looks absolutely thrilled by Chip’s enthusiasm.

2. One of many moments when Chip chose to goof off

No Fixer Upper episode would be complete without Chip goofing off a little bit. This moment, which HGTV shared via GIPHY, does a pretty great job of capturing the usual dynamic between Chip and Jo. While Joanna seems pretty good at delivering her lines to the camera, Chip can be a big distraction. But that’s why we love him!

3. This rare moment when Joanna played a trick on Chip

Okay, so sometimes it’s Joanna who takes the opportunity to goof off in front of the camera. This GIF, which HGTV shared with fans via GIPHY, captures Joanna’s sense of humor — something she’s probably honed after years spent with Chip and with their five young children.

4. This moment that shows Chip being Chip

Chip Gaines basically always seems to be in dad mode, even when there are no Gaines kids in sight. (An easy example: This cute moment that HGTV shared with fans via GIPHY.) That could be because much of the time during Fixer Upper filming, the children were actually hanging out on-set with their parents.

5. This conversation when Joanna encouraged Chip

Everybody needs a little encouragement to get through the workday sometimes, even someone with as many talents as Fixer Upper star Chip Gaines! We love this moment that HGTV shared via GIPHY, when Joanna seems to be rallying the troops to finish the job.

6. This cute exchange between the Fixer Upper duo

If we had to guess, we’d assume that this cute moment — which HGTV shared with fans via GIPHY — happened after Joanna asked Chip to do some extra work to make one of their clients’ fixer-uppers absolutely picture-perfect. How could he say no?

7. This moment when Chip enjoyed one of Joanna’s cupcakes

The cupcakes that Joanna Gaines serves at the Silos Baking Company sound absolutely delicious. So we’re 100% jealous of anybody who gets to sample them on a regular basis — especially Chip, who seemed to love the cupcake that Joanna gave him in this clip, which HGTV shared on GIPHY. Joanna, on the other hand, doesn’t seem totally thrilled.

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