‘BIP’: Why Katie Morton and Chris Bukowski Keep Their Relationship Quiet

In the past couple of months, Bachelor in Paradise couples have been dropping like flies. Only 24 hours after Tayshia Adams announced her split from John Paul Jones, Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty shared that they had called off their engagement. Now, the only remaining couples from this season of the show are Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour and, surprisingly, Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton.

Bachelor in Paradise alums Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton
Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton | Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

The couple had a rocky Bachelor in Paradise experience

Of all the couples that came out of this season of Bachelor in Paradise, Bukowski and Morton were arguably the most tumultuous. The couple almost called it quits halfway through paradise after Morton encouraged Bukowski to go on dates with other women even after they decided to be exclusive. When Jen Saviano caught the attention of Bukowski and they shared an amazing date, Morton came dangerously close to going home.

Katie Morton and Chris Bukowski are still engaged

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only challenge their relationship faced. Bukowski also struggled to communicate his feelings for Morton throughout his time on the beach. The relationship seemed to be on shaky ground even after they got engaged, and they famously fought at the Bachelor in Paradise reunion show. Morton appeared on the show without her engagement ring and shared with the Bachelor veteran that he needed to put more effort into their relationship because she felt depleted.

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Because of their seemingly shaky foundation, many fans were left to wonder if the couple was still engaged. Fans have also noticed that the couple doesn’t really post each other often on their respective Instagram pages. Bukowski’s last picture of them was posted on October 24, 2019. Meanwhile, Morton’s last Instagram photo of them together dates back to September 18, 2019. This decision to not post each other often has led many fans to believe that the pair have split despite other Bachelor alums stating that they’re still together and very happy.

Why the couple doesn’t often post each other on Instagram

But, just what the reason for Bukowski and Morton keeping their relationship so low profile? In a recent interview with Invest Diva’s Kiana Danial, Bukowski opened up about thier importance of maintaining privacy in his romantic life. Furthermore, the Bachelor in Paradise alum got candid about how difficult it can be to navigate all the scrutiny and negative criticism that he and Morton receive about their relationship.

“We like to keep things kind of private. Obviously, it’s weird to say that since we met on such a public platform. But, you know, there’s a lot of stuff that can deter you even if you try to ignore some of the noise, you know some of the public notoriety. So we just kind of try to focus in on our relationship, rather than throwing everything out there for everyone to have an opinion about. It’s really helpful for us to focus in on ourselves and our relationship as well,” the 32-year old shared.

New age bullying

The Bachelor alum then went on to share that the backlash can been brutal and while he was used to the negativity (because of sheer number times he’s gone on the show) Morton was struggling a bit more with the instant fame. “For Katie, you know, it’s her first time around with all this publicity and stuff, so it’s tough… You know, you’ll never meet these people, but any negativity about yourself, I mean it hurts to read stuff like that. About yourself, your family, your friend, it’s just tough to read, regardless if… someone’s not saying it to your face, you know?” Bukowski added.

The couple does long distance because of Bukowski’s job

But despite the negativity, the couple is in a good place. They’re currently in a long-distance relationship due to their work schedules, but they’re still making time for each other. “We’re good. We’re good. We’re busy and we have total different careers. I travel a lot and she’s out in L.A. and currently, I’m in Chicago, so I’m all over the place,” Bukowski concluded. We wish them all the best as they continue navigating their relationship.