Chris Evans As Sanitizers Is the Hilarious Twitter Content You Need Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic

While the whole world waits and watches to see what will happen next in the coronavirus (COVID-19) saga, many homebound pop culture aficionados are turning to film, television and the internet to try and keep their minds occupied. Many people have chosen to self-isolate until the worst of the virus passes through the United States, and while this means that they aren’t socializing much, these people are taking the opportunity to catch up on some internet fun. Recently, a Twitter thread comparing the wholesome actor Chris Evans to various bottles of hand sanitizer surfaced, and it is providing some serious levity to otherwise-stressed people.

COVID-19 is affecting daily life in the United States

Ever since the novel coronavirus known as COVID-19 started spreading across the globe, people have steadily been experiencing more and more disruptions to daily life. The virus, which started in China, poses the greatest risk to elderly and immune-compromised people more than the rest of the general population, but people of all ages have been asked by government officials to limit contact with others and to stay home as much as possible.

This “social distancing” is creating some difficulties for many. Grocery stores have been selling out of essentials such as toilet paper, paper towels, and bottled water, as worried people rush to stock up their homes in preparation for weeks in quarantine. Almost everyone is looking forward to getting through the worst of the pandemic and to returning to normal, everyday life. Still, there have been some bright lights in the midst of the chaos, as people flock to social media sites like Twitter and Instagram, sharing inspirational thoughts and images to help the days go by quicker. 

Chris Evans sitting in a chair and smiling
Chris Evans | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

Chris Evans is a favorite celebrity

A few celebrities have become known as truly wholesome members of society, beloved by fans everywhere. Chris Evans is one of these stars. After beginning his career as a teen idol, appearing in movies like Not Another Teen Movie and Snowpiercer, Evans transitioned to a hugely profitable career in Marvel films. In 2011, Evans appeared as Captain America in the film Captain America: The First Avenger. The movie marked Evans’ debut as the righteous hero, and he has gone on to portray the Captain/Steve Rogers in ten other films.

Evans has become closely entwined with his Captain America character, and although he has been in a wide variety of other films and has even worked as a director, fans still love him best for his work as the determined, heroic super-soldier. Therefore, the recent Twitter thread comparing him to various bottles of sanitizer is even more funny and ironic. 

A Twitter thread compared many photos of Chris Evans to sanitizers

On March 13th, a Twitter user began posting various images of Chris Evans next to stock photos of different bottles of hand sanitizer. No matter what color or style the bottle of sanitizer happened to be, there was a photo of Evans that seemed to match it perfectly. The thread has since gone viral, with other Twitter users praising the thread, and the original poster, for “doing the Lord’s work during these difficult times.” A few people even posted their own suggestions to contribute to the thread, including one that compared a digitally-aged Chris Evans to a bar of old-fashioned hand soap in place of the sanitizer. 

With weeks still to go in order to fully weather the worst of the COVID-19 outbreak, it is good to know that people are still able to find ways to entertain themselves online and to keep their minds in a happy, relaxed place.