Chris Evans Feels ‘Really Uncomfortable’ in This Environment: The Part of the Job the MCU Star Doesn’t Like

MCU star Chris Evans is arguably one of the most well-known actors working in Hollywood today; famous for his turn as Steve Rogers in the Avengers saga, Evans has grown intimately connected to his shield-wielding counterpart. However, in Avengers: Endgame, the MCU star, at last, closed the chapter titled Captain America and passed the mantle onto Falcon.

MCU star Chris Evans
MCU star Chris Evans | Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Though Chris Evans has seen his fair share of press junkets, awkward interviews, neverending red carpets, and paparazzi encounters, there’s one part of the whole gig that Chris Evans still feels uncomfortable with. 

During an interview with Sharp Magazine, Chris Evans discussed his life as Captain America, his increased role as an outspoken adversary to the Trump administration, the future of his career, and more. During the interview, he explained the one thing that, to this day, doesn’t sit well with him as an actor.

Evans talks film promotion and ‘tailored’ commentary 

During his interview with Sharp Magazine, Chris Evans stated:

I don’t actually mind doing these interviews…The first time I made a few movies that I loved so dearly, you couldn’t ask me enough questions about them. I was thrilled. But, if you see my IMDB page, at the beginning of my career it’s just evidence that making a good film is hard. If it were easy, there would be a lot more of them. You work really hard on this thing, and then you have to figure out what to say, how to say it, everything felt just a little too tailored, everything felt a little too forced. It made me very self-aware, and I felt really uncomfortable in that environment.

Sharp Magazine

As Chris Evans makes clear in the above statement, he had his fair share of misses early in his film career. From The Fantastic Four to Push and What’s Your Number, not every movie starring Chris Evans has been the accomplishment that is Captain America. And, as the MCU star notes, it can be hard to say the appropriate thing, and tailor your commentary when discussing a specific movie.

How do you handle backlash? How do you build hype for a movie without it seeming too forced or insincere? These moments of “tailored” commentary — environments that elicit the need to engage in such a perfect and predetermined way — do not sit well with Evans. However, moving forward, it looks like Chris Evans will be able to boast humbly, as the movies on his horizon seem guaranteed for success. 

What’s next for Chris Evans following his run as Captain America? 

Chris Evans is set to play a quick-tongued snot with a proclivity for curse words in Knives Out. He will star alongside Jamie Lee Curtis, Christopher Plummer, Daniel Craig, and Toni Collette. This whodunnit-inspired narrative executed in an old-school murder mystery fashion is shaping up to be one of the most highly anticipated upcoming films.

Chris Evans is also set to play a descendant of the infamous Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in Jekyll; if he pulls this one off, he may find an Oscar sitting on his bookshelf. Chris Evans will also appear as a detective forced to confront the possibility that his son is a murderer in the TV series Defending Jacob. 

With the varied roles on his horizon, let’s hope Chris Evans enjoys discussing these movies come promotion time.