Chris Evans Outshines Billy on the Street By Literally Just Standing on the Sidewalk

Billy Eichner recently took to the streets to celebrate the anniversary of Billy on the Street. He was joined by guest Chris Evans, who was tagging along to promote his new movie Knives Out.

While Eichner was his over-the-top and irreverent self, Evans stole the show. The hilarious thing is he did so while barely even saying a word. 

Let’s take a closer look at what went down. 

Billy on the Street has been on for many years

Chris Evans on the red carpet
Chris Evans | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Billy Eichner is best known for his comedy, and one of his most recognizable and long-running segments is Billy on the Street. In this pop culture game show, Eichner goes through the street stopping random passersby to quiz them or ask them to participate in ridiculous conversations.

As the show has grown, Eichner is often accompanied by famous celebrities during his antics, upping the entertainment value and giving the surprised participants a shock.

The series, which started out as a web show on Funny or Die, has run on Fuse and truTV. It’s also been showered with accolades including two primetime Emmy nominations. 

Eichner took to the streets with a big announcement

Earlier this month, Eichner was shooting an episode of Billy on the Streets with a big announcement: four seasons worth of episodes of the show would be airing on Netflix.

As Eichner went along to tell unsuspecting people—many busily engaged in phone conversations—about his exciting news, actor Chris Evans followed along dutifully.

In a truly brash fashion that would make his Parks and Recreation character, Craig Middlebrooks, proud, Eichner would storm loudly away from people who didn’t know who he was or didn’t show enough reverence for his announcement. 

Chris Evans steals the show … without doing anything at all

Eichner is a huge personality, and he has made it the signature of his public persona. He is loud, brazen, and full of physical comedy. Chris Evans, on the other hand, is much more subdued, and seeing the pair walk along together in the show is comical in its own right. 

Eichner surprises people, yells, storms off when he doesn’t like an answer, and otherwise makes himself the center of attention. Through it all, Evans barely even speaks and never interacts with anyone unless Eichner has specifically dragged him into the conversation. Throughout the entire thing, he says only a handful of words.

These include mundane phrases like “Doing great” when Eichner asks how he’s doing. He also says, “That’s right. It’s a murder mystery” when asked about his new film. 

One would think that following along behind a larger-than-life character and saying next to nothing wouldn’t exactly be very noteworthy, but this is Chris Evans we’re talking about (arguably the best Chris). This clip proves he doesn’t have to do anything at all to steal the show and attract fans. Passersby swoon over the star and shout, “It’s Captain America” when they see him. 

There is one moment, though, when even Evans is overshadowed. Eichner and Evans randomly meet up with Paul Rudd as they’re walking along. In the next scene, Eichner walks up to a woman and asks her who she’d rather have sex with, Chris Evans or Paul Rudd.

She doesn’t realize that both of the celebrities are mere feet away from her, and she answers without hesitation. “Paul Rudd.” When she gets to see Rudd for herself, she squeals in delight. 

The entire clip is lighthearted, celebrity-filled fun, and it’s clear that Evans is mostly there to plug his film rather than compete with Eichner for screen time. Still, participant reaction shows that Evans can’t help but shine.