Chris Evans Reveals ‘The Most Difficult Obstacle’ He’s Had to Overcome in His Career

Chris Evans has become one of Hollywood’s most famous actors, in no small part due to his career-catalyzing role as Captain America in the MCU. Though Evans starred in several films before embodying the shield-wielding and morally upstanding savior – The Fantastic Four, Scott Pilgrim, What’s Your Number, to name a few — Captain America solidified the actor’s place in the industry. 

MCU star Chris Evans
MCU star Chris Evans | Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images

Ascending the ladder of fame to A-list status has opened up vast opportunities for Evans, as he is set to star in Knives Out and Jekyll. In two roles quite divergent from Rogers, he will play a cocksure and arrogant snot in the former and a descendant of the infamous Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in the latter. Evans, getting to flex his acting muscles, in new and unique ways, while easing up on the bench press, will appear in two highly-anticipated roles soon enough.

Though Evans has experienced a steady incline in popularity and critical acclaim since starring as Captain America, it hasn’t all been easy or seamless. During an interview with Be, Chris Evans discussed his role in the MCU and the most difficult obstacle he has had to overcome, despite rising to a place of international recognition.

MCU star Chris Evans on his most difficult career obstacle 

During an interview With Be, Chris Evans was asked to reveal the “most difficult obstacle” he has had to overcome in his career. After thinking for a brief moment, he stated: 

Kind of accepting the fact that there is no such thing as momentum. As actors, it’s easy to kind of get sucked into the world of feeling like once you’ve had a job, you have to keep this momentum going; otherwise, it’s all going to be taken from you.

It’s tough to kind of realize that this is not a race. There’s no ticking clock breathing down your neck, and just stay the course. Do the work that you believe in. Take the projects that mean something to you, and everything will be okay. And, sometimes, that concept can get away from you. 


Chris Evans explains that it’s very easy, as an actor, to feel like once you stop jumping on projects that your turn on the carousel will come to an end before you’re ready to hop off.

Many actors, especially those on the rise, often feel like they must just from project to project to stay relevant, to keep “the momentum” going, as Evans explained. However, if you just “stay the course,” accept the TV shows and films that resonate, you will perform well, and the work will keep coming. Though, as he knows from personal experience, the road will be arduous. 

Chris Evans, before becoming Captain America, was a part of several critically condemned movies and often jokes that, if you look at his IMDb page, you don’t have to scroll too far to get to the disastrous projects. However, life is an uphill battle; you sometimes have to fight through to reach the gold. In his case, maybe an Oscar.