Chris Evans Said He Had ‘No Right’ Doing This in His Career

Before starring in Captain America: The First Avenger, Chris Evans appeared in a gamut of movies — spanning genres, yet often opening to poor critical and audience reviews. From romantic comedies like What’s Your Number to action dramas like Puncture, the actor was doing just fine in the financial realm, yet struggling to find his niche: that role that would begin his ascension to A-list status. Who knew such a role would come in the form of the morally upstanding Steve Rogers?

MCU and Captain America star Chris Evans
Chris Evans arrives at the Los Angeles premiere of ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ | Michael Tran/FilmMagic

When Captain America came around, Chris Evans virtually became a household name overnight. People began putting his face on their walls, social media exploded with that charming smile, and the rest is, as they say, history. Following his appearance in Captain America, he proceeded to play Steve Rogers for nearly a decade. And, the Avengers saga brought the fame and notoriety Evans needed to take risks in his career. He had the pull to get things done.

While Evans was initially hesitant to join on — as he had already appeared in superhero flops The Fantastic Four and The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer — a little nudge from Robert Downey Jr. was enough to do the trick. Downey explained to Evans all the opportunities joining Marvel would give rise to. However, there was one opportunity Evans seized that, he admits, he had no business attempting. 

What Chris Evans had “no right” to try, so he says 

During an interview with MTV, Chris Evans discussed his directorial debut, Before We Go, which hit theaters back in 2015 (four years after Chris Evans joined the Marvel franchise). 

He explained to the interviewer that being a part of the MCU allowed him to take this risk. He was able to get talented producers, actors, and all the other vital ingredients needed for a movie to sign on. However, he explained that he may not have been utterly ready for the job. He stated: 

I’ve wanted to direct for years, but I never went to film school, and I have no right to be directing.


While Chris Evans may have had “no right” to direct, as he jokes during the interview, fans were excited to see the man behind Steve Rogers take a stab at working behind the scenes. 

Will Captain America star Chris Evans direct again? 

Unfortunately, Chris Evans’ directorial debut opened to negative critical and audience reviews and Chris Evans has yet to try his hand at directing again. Hopefully, Chris Evans continues to grow as an actor — expanding his portfolio along the way — and tries to direct once more.

It would be a shame to see an actor who, for so many years, spoke highly of directing, completely walk away. Chris Evans fans — those in Tinseltown and those outside of it — would surely be willing to give good ole Cap another shot in the ring. We know he’s got the talent for it; however, things don’t always go as planned the first time out the gate. 

As of now, Chris Evans’ agenda is pretty stacked with acting gigs, so the actor is unlikely to find himself directing anytime soon. However, here’s to hoping he finds his way to the director’s chair sometime after Jekyll or Defending Jacob.