Chris Evans: The Question He Doesn’t Want to Be Asked Anymore

After years of playing one of the MCU’s most beloved superheroes — consisting of endless red carpets, premieres, and neverending press junkets filled with interviewers all asking the same questions — Chris Evans has managed to stay calm, polite, and respectful through it all. 

Though the man behind Captain America may be just as morally upstanding and righteous as his heroic counterpart, that does not mean he is immune to interview questions that feel “inconsequential” and “repetitive,” even though he always seems to respond with an impressive degree of grace and patience.

MCU star Chris Evans
MCU star Chris Evans | Photo by Dan MacMedan/Getty Images

During an interview with TodayOnline, Chris Evans sat down to promote the latest Avengers installment at the time, Civil War, and he discussed his role as Captain America, what he has learned from the character, and more. He even revealed the one question he wishes came up a lot less frequently.

MCU star Chris Evans on the question he “wouldn’t want to be asked” anymore if he had a say

Towards the end of his interview, Chris Evans was tasked with coming up with the one question he would ask himself if he was the reporter on the job. Though Chris Evans struggled to come up with a question he would ask, he effortlessly thought of one that he wouldn’t. Chris Evans stated:

I couldn’t tell you what I’d want to be asked. I could tell you what I wouldn’t want to be asked…It’s not the question you hate. It’s just the question that becomes a little redundant, you know, the workout. What’s your workout schedule?  It just feels very surface. It feels very disposable. And it feels very inconsequential. 


The reporter understood his response, noting that it was definitely a “fair” question to dislike. Given that Chris Evans is an actor, who works diligently to get into character, it should come as no surprise that he doesn’t want to discuss the workout. The workout discussion is very superficial, as he notes. While he must remain in shape to look the part, the mental and the emotional aspects of inhabiting the character are definitely more important to the MCU star.

Given that the actor, tied to Captain America for nearly a decade, has now left the Avengers, he may finally receive questions more in line with those he would rather be asked. He’s got some interesting projects on the horizon — ones that are sure to stretch his acting muscles more than his pectoral ones.

Chris Evans is set to star in Jeykll, as a descendant of the infamous Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, which is quickly becoming one of the actor’s most highly anticipated turns. He is also set to play a father and detective who must come to the realization that his son may be a murderer in Defending Jacob. And, last but definitely not least, he will star alongside the likes of Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shannon, and Christopher Plummer in Knives Out, as a snotty, condescending jerk. 

As you can see, Chris Evans plans to walk far away from the superhero realm, at least for the next few years.