Chris Harrison Calls This ‘Bachelor’ Contestant From Peter Weber’s Season ‘A Bad*ss’ And For Good Reason

Peter Weber’s contestants have just been released and already Bachelor Nation is picking their favorites.

Chris Harrison even has a “favorite story of the year” from Weber’s bunch.

Peter Weber and his 'Bachelor' contestants | ABC/Craig Sjodin
Peter Weber and his ‘Bachelor’ contestants | ABC/Craig Sjodin

The host is referring to contestant Tammy Ly from Syracuse.

Who is Tammy Ly from Peter Weber’s season of ‘The Bachelor’?

“Tammy is in the process of taking over the world and if a man can’t keep up, then she isn’t afraid to leave them in the dust,” reads the first line of her ABC bio.

Bachelor Nation might remember Ly from the first Bachelor promo as the woman who described Weber as “looking so freaking delicious. Like, I just want to lick him up and down.”

ABC says Ly is a “house flipper,” in addition to working in insurance, investing, marketing, bartending, and acting. She’s from a “hard-working family” that immigrated to Syracuse during the Vietnam War. Harrison calls her a “symbol of the American Dream.”

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He also says she’s “a bad*ass.” And not just because she works six jobs.

“This is what a bad*ss she is: In high school, she wanted to wrestle. So she went out for the wrestling team — the boys’ wrestling team. They told her no, so Tammy just kept showing up. Wouldn’t quit, and made the wrestling team. And by the way, went 7-1 in her wrestling matches against the boys… Bad*ss,” said Harrison when introducing the contestant. tracked down Ly’s junior year wrestling stats from the 2011-2012 season and she did in fact go 7-1, but all of her wins came from forfeits. That season, she earned more points than half the other wrestlers on her team.

Will Peter Weber and Tammy Ly have a love connection?

In terms past relationships, Ly’s bio says she doesn’t have “too much time to date,” given her busy work schedule. She also tends to intimidate men.

“She has been unable to find anyone in Syracuse who can keep up with her ambitious nature, and she finds it hard to date men her age because her drive tends to intimidate them. Tammy is coming into this experience to focus on finding true love and to see if Peter is the type of guy who can give her the work-life balance she needs.”

Weber and Ly already have one huge thing in common: “Tammy loves to travel so much that she has the vanity license plate ‘JETSETTR.'”

Will they end the season flying off into the sunset together?

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If not, Ly might just ghost him (according to her bio, that’s how she ended her last relationship).

The rest of Ly’s bio might hint at the fact that the house flipper isn’t afraid of a little mansion drama. Apparently, she “considers herself a tomboy and doesn’t relate well to the ‘blonde Barbie’ types.” Uh-oh!

There is one small issue with Ly’s being on Weber’s season of The Bachelor: she hasn’t told her mom yet!

“Tammy hasn’t told her mom yet that she’s going to be on The Bachelor. Guess now is as good a time as any! Surprise, Mom!”

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