Chris Harrison Says Hannah Brown And Peter Weber Had To Deal With Their Feelings For Each Other

The top YouTube comment on the latest Bachelor promo reads: “The devil works hard, but Chris Harrison works harder.”

Hannah Brown and Peter Weber | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images
Hannah Brown and Peter Weber | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

As Bachelor Nation knows, Peter Weber’s first official Bachelor trailer heavily features former bachelorette Hannah Brown. The two are seen canoodling on a couch having a serious conversation.

“Making decisions for my heart, because I know there’s still something there, and I would do anything for a relationship,” says Brown.

“Hannah Brown, what I’m about to say is extremely crazy. What would you say if I asked you to come be part of the house?” asks Weber.

Chris Harrison says Hannah Brown and Peter Weber had unfinished business

So why was Brown back at the Bachelor Mansion? Well, technically to lead a group date. But also to have a heart-to-heart with Weber.

In a recent interview with E! News, host Chris Harrison explained why he feels it was so important for Brown to come back and have a chat with Weber.

E! News asked Harrison if it was Brown’s decision to appear on Weber’s season.

“I don’t know whose final decision it was but I’d say it was mutual. I think it’s something that needed to be dealt with, the relationship. I think it’s a relationship that didn’t have a clean, clear break,” he responded.

Harrison continued: “I think there were, maybe are, feelings there and some underlying feelings they thought they had both dealt with. But I knew once they saw each other, they probably hadn’t really dealt with them all. And so I think it was a hurdle we needed to clear before we moved forward.”

“So you don’t feel like it cheapened her journey that she had this year?” asked the interviewer.

“Hannah’s? It definitely didn’t cheapen her at all. I think it was important that she was a part of this because she was a big part of Peter’s life. I think they did love each other very much on their season. I think it was a very tough decision for Hannah to make not to end up with Peter, and one that she’s probably thought a lot about and I think it was something that needed to be done. It was a conversation that needed to be had,” he responded.

Will Hannah Brown be on Peter Weber’s season of ‘The Bachelor’?

Though Brown does have a serious conversation with Weber, possibly about closure based on Harrison’s interview with E! News, it doesn’t look like she’s moving back into the mansion.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight on December 7, Brown strongly hinted that she didn’t join Weber’s season because she was competing on Dancing With The Stars at the time of filming.

“I feel like if we put two and two together, like, I worked my a** off to win that mirrorball… I was in the studio eight hours a day,” she said when asked what to expect from her Bachelor appearance.

“You should do the math and watch in January,” she added. 

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