Chris Harrison Says Hannah Brown Is a ‘Viable Candidate’ for ‘The Bachelorette’ in the Future

Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette didn’t go as she had hoped. Stepping into the lead role, Brown was nervous but excited to potentially find her future husband. She was ready to get married.

Hannah Brown | Ed Herrera/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images
Hannah Brown | Ed Herrera/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

“Oh I’m so ready. I know I’m young but I would not have gone on this show if I hadn’t really thought about what was at the end of this,” she told Ellen DeGeneres on her show when asked if she was ready for marriage.

Bachelor Nation was heartbroken for Brown when she learned her season winner Jed Wyatt had come on the show with a girlfriend. The reality star called off her engagement because she didn’t want to start a relationship built on so little trust.

Is Hannah Brown going to be the bachelorette again?

In an interview host Chris Harrison recently did with E! News, he says he’s open to Brown starring in the lead role once again.

“Do you think she should come back as the bachelorette?” asked the interviewer.

“If she’s single then she’d be a viable candidate. Why not? Yeah, I think so. Why not? I think she’d be good. Be careful what you wish for I guess maybe,” he said with a laugh.

So it looks like Brown’s not ruled out as the next bachelorette or a bachelorette down the road.

Does Hannah Brown want another season of ‘The Bachelorette’?

Now the question is, would Brown be up for it? She was put through the wringer during her first season, so her hesitancy would be understandable.

“I really like the life I’m living right now, so I don’t think I need a second chance,” she told Us Weekly back in August. “I think that I’m learning and growing. I’m a 24-year-old girl just figuring out life. I really learned a lot from being on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, but as far as looking toward thinking about being the bachelorette again right now, I can’t really think about that just yet. I know it’s a great experience for me, but I’m looking forward to different opportunities for my future.”

So maybe if the timing is right Brown would consider being the bachelorette again but, right now, she seems focused on other areas of her life.

Bachelor Nation would love for Hannah Brown to be the bachelorette again

Chris Harrison is on board with another Hannah Brown Bachelorette season, Brown might be on board, and fans are definitely on board.

“Bring her back for another season!!!!!” commented one fan on Harrison’s Instagram

“The world has not had enough of @alabamahannah yet!” commented another. 

“Not to be dramatic but if Hannah doesn’t get to be bachelorette again I’m rioting,” tweeted another member of Bachelor Nation.

The Bachelorette usually premieres around May, so we only have to wait a few more months to find out if Brown’s up for the gig one more time.

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