Chris Hemsworth’s Personal Connection to Thor: The Bond You Might Have Missed Between the Actor and His Character

With Thor: Love and Thunder recently announced during San Diego Comic-Con, it looks like God of Thunder fans will get to see their favorite savior swing his hammer once more. Based on comic book trajectory (and MCU announcements), Chris Hemsworth’s Thor will likely swing and pass the weapon over to a worthy successor: Natalie Portman’s Mighty Thor (not Female Thor or Lady Thor — both of which are incorrect according to the director). 

Thor actor Chris Hemsworth
Thor actor Chris Hemsworth | Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

Chris Hemsworth came out swinging in 2011’s Thor and — though it took the actor and those behind the Avenger’s depiction — quite some time to discover the hero’s ideal characterization, Hemsworth’s Avenger transformed into a satisfying, more comedic savior in the third iteration. And, ever since, he has been an asset to the team. Who doesn’t love a wise-cracking Thor; he meshes more smoothly with the other Avengers this way.

Intimately tied to the character he has come to play, Chris Hemsworth and Thor have become one and the same in fans’ minds. You would think he was destined to play Thor. And well, you may not be surprised to discover that Hemsworth was born with an innate connection to the hammer-wielding, lightning striking, sometimes hard-headed hero. 

Chris Hemsworth was quite literally born to play Thor 

While you may be aware that Chris Hemsworth was born on August 11, 1983, in Melbourne, Australia, more vital is the day he was born. Chris Hemsworth was born on a Thursday, which is the day of the week named after the God of Thunder. If you believe in destiny, Hemsworth was always meant to play Thor.

The day of the week is named after the Norse god of Thunder and, in Old English, translates directly to “Thor’s Day.” In many other languages, the day of the week is named after the god and planet Jupiter. However, in English, it’s named after good ole Thor.

Chris Hemsworth had fate on his side, so it looks like Tom Hiddleston never stood a chance at this character. However, Hiddleston would go on to play the ultimate counterpart to Thor, as a rival sibling with an arguably more intoxicating plotline and character struggle. 

Though Thor: Love and Thunder will be Chris Hemsworth’s next outing as the God of Thunder, as Screen Rant noted, will the man born to play the God appear in the next Guardians of the Galaxy movie?

Will Chris Hemsworth be in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 3’? 

As of now, we know that Thor: Love and Thunder will take place before Guardians of the Galaxy, literally and in terms of the MCU timeline. However, what does this mean concerning Endgame’s conclusion, which led fans to believe Thor would travel with the Guardians? 

Confirmation concerning the timeline has been provided; however, we do not know much else. It would be an upset to see Thor disappear from the Guardian’s radar merely so the writers could provide him with an epic conclusion (as such a decision would feel lazy on the MCU’s behalf). 

Given that mash-ups are frequent in the MCU, let’s hope to see a few of the Guardians in Love and Thunder or Thor in the next installment of Guardians of the Galaxy. Explaining why the characters are absent from each others’ movies will feel like a reach no matter how it is done. So Marvel, don’t disappoint!