Chris Pratt Admits He Used to Wear His Older Brother’s Dirty Laundry

Chris Pratt is now someone young men admire. Whether they look up to his movie heroics in Guardians of the Galaxy or Jurassic World, his comedy or his life lessons, Pratt can be a role model in many ways. When he was growing up, Chris looked up to his older brother Cully Pratt. 

Chris Pratt | Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Now Pratt plays the older brother in Onward. The Pixar animated film is about the adventure elf brothers Barley (Pratt) and Ian (Tom Holland) go on to try to bring back their father. At the press conference for Onward, Pratt shared a touching and hilarious story about his own older brother. Onward is in theaters March 6, 2020.

Chris Pratt wanted to be like Cully really badly

Chris Pratt discovered acting by watching his older brother perform in school plays. Cully went on to join the Army and become a deputy. Before Chris became the A-list movie star himself, he tried everything to be more like Cully.

L-R: Ian (Tom Holland), Barley (Chris Pratt) and half of their father | Disney/Pixar

“I would literally wear his clothes the day after he wore them,” Pratt said. “I would pick them up off of his floor and put his clothes on because he had nice smelling cologne. He had style. He knew how to match his clothes and stuff. I still don’t know how do that. A stylist does all this. I have no idea how to do that.”

Eventually Chris Pratt’s brother told him to stop

Wearing your brothers’ worn clothes may be cute when you’re a kid, but Pratt kept doing it into high school. By then, Cully had to tell Chris it wasn’t okay.

Chris Pratt
Chris Pratt | Valerie MACON /AFP via Getty Images

“We started going to the same school and I was a freshman when he was a junior and his friends started to notice,” Pratt said. “He kindly said, ‘Hey man, I think you need to stop wearing my clothes the day after me because my friends are noticing that.’”

Chris Pratt learned more than acting from his brother

Cully inspired Chris to act, and he also taught him about wearing his own clean clothes, all very important stuff. There were some other vital lessons they shared too.

“My first instinct was be yourself, be comfortable with who you are,” Pratt said. He told me that all the time. So I can’t think of anything that I know that he didn’t teach me.”

Did it go the other way?

The older brother is the one to pave the way. Especially when they’re kids, Cully went through everything first so he could share with Chris tips on how to manage. Surely they reached a point where Chris could share with Cully too, whether they were older teens or once they were adults.

Chris Pratt and Tom Holland as Barley and Ian
L-R: Ian (voice of Tom Holland) and Barley (voice of Chris Pratt) | Disney/Pixar

“It’s such a good question because I could list for days the things that I learn from my brother but it’s hard for me to think of anything I might have taught him,” Pratt said. “I’m going to call him immediately and make him tell me the things. I’d have to ask him. He would probably say nothing.”