Chris Pratt Says You Should Tip Your Server This Much

Honoree Chris Pratt accepts the MTV Generation Award onstage during the 2018 MTV Movie And TV Awards at Barker Hangar on June 16, 2018 in Santa Monica, California.
Chris Pratt | Kevin Winter/Getty Images for MTV

It’s not often when you hear about useful lifestyle etiquette tips from an action star. When it’s from Chris Pratt, though, you realize you’re not seeing a typical Hollywood actor.

Certainly, Arnold Schwarzenegger (and Maria Shriver) saw this when Pratt proposed marriage to the former’s daughter, Katherine. They could probably see Pratt’s noted generosity as an important part of living life, even if a superstar constantly in the public eye.

Part of this comes from Pratt recently giving advice on how much everyone should tip a server in a restaurant. It all stems from his history working at a Bubba Gump Shrimp Company in Maui, Hawaii.

Actors often work in restaurants

Being in showbiz almost always means working in a restaurant or similar place in the beginning to make ends meet. Pratt’s trajectory was no different, even if he had a sixth-sense he’d eventually be famous.

The person who got him into acting was someone a bit obscure, despite making a difference. While working as a waiter at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company in Hawaii during the late 1990s, Pratt met Rae Dawn Chong, the daughter of legendary comedian Tommy Chong. She gave him a break to act in a movie being filmed in the local area.

We know the rest of the story from there. Still, the formation of Pratt’s ethics came from working through the above iconic shrimp franchise.

The life of a waiter depends on tips

If you had to call out just one thing Pratt did wrong while working as a waiter at Bubba Gump, it’s in eating leftover shrimp from customers. When interviewed on NBC’s Today recently, Pratt noted he’d eat shrimp off customer plates while heading back to the kitchen.

Even if far from a sin, he stood up for the waiter life, including the tips they depend on. He had to rely on tipping then as any waiter still does today.

Most online sources say you should start a tip at 15% to waiters and other service-related workers. Pratt’s recent post to Instagram has him saying it should be slightly more for two good reasons.

Chris Pratt’s call for 20% waiter tips

Recently, Pratt went to New York to revisit one of the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company restaurants. Latter franchise is still in existence and popular across America.

Twenty years have gone by since Pratt worked as a waiter through the restaurant in Maui. He recalled on Instagram all the shrimp he ate off customer plates, yet shouted out for everyone to leave a 20% tip for waiters. In a facetious aside, he said to leave the shrimp on the plate.

This was good tipping advice considering how hard waiters have to work. Keep in mind Pratt was living in a mouse-infested van in Maui while doing this waiter job. He even had to do amateur stripping to earn some extra bucks.

Looking out for service workers

Pratt’s support of waiters shows he hasn’t forgotten his roots. Most of the time lately, he’s promoting his new movies on social media and making a mint at the box office.

We find it refreshing to see a superstar stay grounded like this and bring solid etiquette advice when visiting restaurants. One thing we noticed from his Today show interview above is he didn’t hesitate to request people tip 100% to their waiters if receiving overly stellar service. As he noted, you never know if the waiter will go on to become someone famous and give a payback later as thanks.

His comment might have stemmed from a “Tip the Bill Challenge” imposed last summer where people tipped more generously to help out hard-working food servers across America.

From our perspective, this is solid advice. It’s something we’d even want to see for teachers and others in jobs receiving little thanks.