Chris Pratt Was First Attracted to This Quality About Katherine Schwarzenegger

On June 8, superstar actor Chris Pratt and lifestyle author Katherine Schwarzenegger tied the knot. Although it was a small, intimate affair, the wedding was the perfect event for Hollywood royalty.

It was flawlessly beautiful, attended by stars, and stunning in every detail, from each flower to the two Giorgio Armani dresses Schwarzenegger wore. Her father, actor and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, walked her down the aisle, and Pratt’s 6-year-old son Jack was there to be a part of the happy day. 

But how did this beautiful couple meet, and what first drew them together? Here’s a look at their fairytale romance, from the beginning to now. 

How Chris Pratt met Katherine Schwarzenegger

Chris Pratt
Chris Pratt | Christopher Polk/Getty Images for MTV

Given the famous circles that this couple travels in, you might expect them to have met at a party or opening night for one of Pratt’s movies. Their actual meeting place, however, couldn’t be farther away from the glamour of Hollywood. Schwarzenegger’s mom Maria Shriver apparently introduced them and the first time they met was in a pretty wholesome place. 

Pratt said in an interview with Extra that they met at church. Attending church was a big part of their dating life. They were even spotted sharing a kiss after a service that they attended with Pratt’s son Jack. Meeting and getting to know each other at church was a good start for this special couple because it turns out that faith was going to be a big part of their relationship. 

Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger have a marriage of shared values

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Now that Schwarzenegger and Pratt are settling into married life, it’s clear that an important part of their attraction is the values they share. The most important one is probably their shared religion. They both speak publicly about their faith often, even in things as simple as referring to God when appreciating the beauty of a sunset.

Family is also very important to them. On Father’s Day, Schwarzenegger told the world that one of the reasons she fell in love with Pratt is because he’s such a great father. He’s also hinted that they want “lots of kids.” Clearly, they care a great deal about having a family together, and now people are on pins and needles, waiting to see when they’ll start.

Schwarzenegger has been a passionate animal advocate for a long time. She even wrote a children’s book, called Maverick and Me about her beloved dog Maverick, to encourage kids to consider adopting their pets. Pratt seems to be just as enthusiastic about animals. Schwarzenegger gave him two Kune-Kune pigs for his birthday, which he was thrilled about. He named them Tim and Faith, after the iconic country music couple: Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Chris Pratt was drawn to this special quality of Katherine Schwarzenegger

There’s no question that Schwarzenegger is beautiful, but that wasn’t the most alluring thing about her in Pratt’s eyes. Appropriately enough, considering where they met, Pratt was drawn to her deep faith. When they were dating they were seen attending church services often.

According to a source that spoke to People, Pratt admires the fact that Schwarzenegger is passionate about what she believes and comfortable talking about it. Pratt is also happy to mention his beliefs, making them a great match. 

Their close connection to God is clearly an important part of how they navigate the ups and downs of life. Pratt has said: “God is good. God heals the broken heart.” Whatever heartbreak or joy may be ahead for this couple, they seem like they are ready to weather it together, drawing strength from their shared faith and from each other.