Chris Randone Takes A Dig At Jed Wyatt On Twitter After His ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Wedding

Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson’s wedding ceremony was featured on a recent episode of Bachelor In Paradise. The couple met on Paradise last year, so it was only fitting. None other than Chris Harrison officiated the union and the audience was filled with members of Bachelor Nation throughout the years.

Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson | Troy Harvey via Getty Images
Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson | Troy Harvey via Getty Images

There was, of course, drama. John Paul Jones found Randone and Nielson’s wedding the perfect opportunity to yell at Derek Peth for pursuing “the woman [he] love[s],” Tayshia Adams. And Caelynn Miller-Keyes was in full-blown party pooper mode before Connor Saeli arrived, because Dean Unglert broke up with her the day prior (on her birthday no less).

There were a few notable members of Bachelor Nation missing from the guest list, however. Hannah Brown was not in attendance, but she’s been a busy woman these days. Though Dancing With The Stars wasn’t filming during Paradise, she could have been prepping.

Her ex-fiance, Jed Wyatt, was also not in attendance. As Bachelorette fans know, Brown broke off her engagement to Wyatt after discovering he had come on the show with a girlfriend waiting for him back home.

Though Wyatt apologized on “After The Final Rose,” he’s still on shaky terms with some of Bachelor Nation. He’s since said that he hopes young men can learn from the mistake he made.

“To other guys out there who– they’re just out having a good time, they’re young and they’re having fun, I would want them to kind of see and understand that you never know when you’re gonna meet your person. Could be today, could be tomorrow, could be ten years from now, but the person that you are leading into that means everything. I want to help other guys see that. You just never know and there’s no better feeling than looking at someone and know that that is your person. You can mess that up by playing with other people’s emotions,” he said in an interview with Haley Ringo, a close friend of his, on LAnded Late Night.

Chris Randone’s tweet about Jed Wyatt

Even so, Randone couldn’t help but take a swing at Wyatt on Twitter once the wedding episode aired.

“Jed reached out to offer free music appearance for our wedding but we kindly declined #bachelorinparadise,” he tweeted.

The fan response

Many Twitter users thought Randone’s tweet went too far.

“I’m not a fan of Jed at all but what was the point of this post? That’s just mean when you don’t need to be,” wrote one fan.

“I am no fan of Jed but this feels….unnecessary and kinda cruel,” responded another.

“I don’t like what Jed did but this is just mean and cruel. Smh,” tweeted another.

Some fans, however, really appreciated Randone’s joke.

“Lmao well played,” responded one fan.

“Omg toooo funny. The guy can’t even sing. Good call,” tweeted another.

“This is fantastic,” wrote another.

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