Chrissy Teigen Admits She Is ‘Not as Strong as People Think’

Model Chrissy Teigen rose to fame in the 2000s after appearing in several magazines and on numerous TV shows. Today, she is a wife, mother, and social media personality among various other things.

Teigen seems to have a strong presence no matter where she goes. Whether she is supporting her husband, John Legend, with his music career or sharing her thoughts on Twitter, it does not look like Teigen could be taken down easily.

However, Teigen is human after all, and she still has vulnerable moments like everyone else. In fact, Teigen herself has said she is “not as as strong as people think.”

Chrissy Teigen
Chrissy Teigen | Nathan Congleton/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

Chrissy Teigen is known for her no-nonsense personality

In the past few years, Teigen has proven herself to be a social media queen. With over 13 million followers on Twitter and over 30 million followers on Instagram, Teigen’s messages often have far reaches.

Fans seem to enjoy following Teigen because of her no-nonsense way of sharing information. She is known for keeping things real about many aspects of her life. Whether she is touching on parenting, celebrity life, or body image issues, fans can expect Teigen to be open about both the positives and negatives aspects of everything.

Additionally, Teigen is not afraid to call out people whose messages she deems hurtful. For example, she has been known to give Donald Trump harsh words on Twitter. She has also clapped back at haters who unfairly criticize her.

Teigen has experienced mental health issues

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Although it might seem like nothing can get Teigen down, she has been open about how she has some bad days as well.

For example, Teigen has admitted she went through postpartum depression after giving birth to her first child. It also took her a while to get her condition diagnosed.

“It was a sad existence. There were no highs. It was a flatline of life for a few months,” Teigen told Glamour in March 2020. “You hear these horrific stories of people not seeing their child as theirs, or wanting to hurt them, and I never felt that way. That’s why I put off getting it checked as I hated myself, not my child.”

However, having her depression diagnosed and learning to overcome it helped Teigen become more prepared when she had her second child.

Additionally, Teigen also experiences anxiety. She admitted to Glamour that anxiety was in her life even as a child.

“I was an anxious, nervous kid. That transferred into being anxious in high school and then right after, when I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life,” Teigen shared. “I started seeing therapists, but I stopped because I thought it was ‘normal twentysomething anxiety’. But after having Luna I thought, ‘Oh crap, this is a real thing,’”

Teigen admits she is ‘not as strong as people think’

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Because of her anxiety, Teigen shared she does try to filter herself on the internet, even though it might not seem like it to fans.

“It’s good to think about what you’re going to say as it’s going to live forever,” Teigen said to Glamour. “It’s hard because now I do want to say certain things, but I have to think, ‘Am I prepared to deal with the backlash?’”

Despite Teigen’s image as a tough cookie, she admitted things can still get to her the same way they would to anyone else.

She continued, “I desperately still want to be liked, so sometimes it’s better for me not to say it, just for my own mental health as I am not as strong as people think.”