Chrissy Teigen Just Let Fans in on a Special Airport Perk Celebrities Get to Enjoy

If you’ve ever wonder what the life of the rich and famous is really like, Chrissy Teigen has you covered.

The Lip Sync Battle co-host is known for being open and honest with fans on social media so when one of her follows had a question about celebrity travel, of course, Teigen delivered.

Chrissy Teigen
Chrissy Teigen | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Teigen opened up about just how easy catching a flight is for celebs

When it comes to air travel, many of us dread the thought of having to endure the nightmare that is the airport.

In addition to making sure you get there at least two hours in advance, there are so many stressful things you have to go through before you even make it onto the plane.

From having to deal with the annoyance of checking a bag and making sure its weight meets the airline’s requirements to waiting in the security line hoping they don’t throw away your favorite moisturizer because it’s a little more than 3.4 ounces (triggered).

Once you finally get onto the plane, you see that you have a middle seat and have to sit between a crying baby and someone who’s snoring.

All in all, airline travel is never an enjoyable experience, but when it comes time for celebrities to take a trip, getting on a plane is a breeze for them.

Now you’re probably wondering how in the world air travel is so easy for the rich and famous? Well, Chrissy Teigen has the answer and recently shared what it’s like flying out of one of the busiest airports in the country when you’re an A-list celebrity.

After a fan asked her this same question on Twitter, Teigen replied by revealing that instead of dealing with the hustle and bustle of the airport, celebrities pay a little extra cash for access to a special terminal.

“There is a terminal a mile from the airport that you pay membership for. they do the same security privately and take you to the plane in a car. I know. I know,” she wrote back.

After enjoying a peaceful flight aboard a private jet, celebs just go on about their day and eventually do it all over again.

Teigen flies out of LAX’s luxury terminal

Though the model didn’t name a specific airport she flies out of, it appears to People that she was referring to LAX’s The Private Suite, the airport’s luxury and paparazzi-free terminal.

According to the outlet, the terminal opened in 2017 and provides private suites, private bathrooms, and food service to those with exclusive memberships.

So, instead of getting pushed and shoved trying to make their way to their gate, members of the luxury terminal just sit back and wait for their flight while the VIP service takes care of everything.

“It typically takes 2200 footsteps from car seat to plane seat. For members of The Private Suite, it’s 70 footsteps,” the terminal’s websites reads. “And they are all peaceful footsteps.”

So the next time we’re crammed up in coach munching on some peanuts, we’ll just image ourselves as a celebrity flying out of LAX’s The Private Suite.