Chrissy Teigen Shares Her Absolute Worst Papparazi Encounter

There are many perks of fame that celebrities get to enjoy on a daily basis, including reduced wait time at restaurants, “swag” and gifts from designers who want them to promote their products, and all the best in clothes and technology.

Still, there are some downsides to being famous, including the loss of privacy and, of course, being avidly pursued by the paparazzi, photographers who are paid to snag pictures of celebs. Chrissy Teigen recently did a Twitter Q&A where she talked about some of her experiences with paparazzi, both good and bad.

Keep reading to learn about Teigen‘s worst-ever paparazzi encounter, as well as one of her best.

How did Chrissy Teigen become famous?

Chrissy Teigen at a gala reception
Chrissy Teigen | Amy Sussman/Getty Images for Baby2Baby

Chrissy Teigen was born in 1985 and began her career as a model after being discovered in a surf shop. After modeling for some of the top brands in fashion, Teigen met John Legend in 2007 when she was hired to star in his music video “Stereo.”

Legend and Teigen began a romance and ended up getting married in 2013.

Since her marriage to Legend, Teigen’s fame has only increased. She has worked as a television host and presenter and is one of the most popular presences on social media, but she is perhaps best known for her work in the world of home cooking.

Teigen is a noted author and has published two cookbooks and currently curates a food/cooking website where she posts new recipes, answers reader’s questions, and gives restaurant recommendations. These days, Teigen is a mother of two, but still finds time to interact with her fan base, such as in her recent Twitter Q&A, where she answered a slew of questions from her followers. 

What is Chrissy Teigen’s worst paparazzi encounter?

The main topic of conversation in Teigen’s Q&A was related to celebrity, and she encouraged her followers to ask anything that they were wondering regarding the nature of being famous, pros and cons, etc. One follower asked her how she manages to deal with paparazzi, which led Teigen to describe her absolute worst encounter thus far.

Teigen revealed that, at one point, “a guy in nyc shot directly into a dressing room I was changing in. I memorized his face and still hate him.”

Although Teigen didn’t mention what set she was working on when the incident occurred, she is clearly still troubled by it.

She also answered a question about how her kids feel about the paparazzi, revealing that her daughter, Luna, “hates them” and that there is a clear difference between photographers in New York City and the photographers in Los Angeles. Teigen claims that paparazzi in New York City are more open when they take photographs and if Luna “freaks out” they apologize and stop taking the photos.

However, in Los Angeles, she said that they tend to hide and “you don’t know” that you are being photographed. She also stated that she would “rather know” about the photos being taken.

What is Chrissy Teigen’s best paparazzi encounter?

In spite of her occasionally negative encounters with the paps, Teigen said in her Q&A that she understands they have a job to do. She said that if you are nice to them, they are “good to you,” and she detailed one specific time where a paparazzi followed her for miles only to make her resort to hiding out in an alley, shaking and crying.

The photographer ended up finding her and being “so kind” and Teigen admitted that she ended up “feeling terrible.”

It seems evident that Teigen has the right attitude towards the paparazzi and tries not to take the invasion too personally – except for when they truly get in her face.