Chrissy Teigen’s Best Parenting Moments Captured on Social Media

Chrissy Teigen is an outspoken personality that first gained attention for her work as a swimsuit model. She quickly became known for her skills in the kitchen, though. Now with two best-selling cookbooks and a brand-new line of kitchen essentials for Target, Teigen is also a hardworking parent.

Her sage advice and humorous observations about being a mother to two small children keep her followers entertained and inspired. Here are a few of Chrissy Teigen’s best parenting moments as captured on social media.

Teigen posts about her son’s corrective helmet

In May 2018, Chrissy Teigen welcomed her and husband John Legend’s second child, a baby boy named Miles. Teigen frequently refers to Miles as “baby bug” in her posts. In early December 2018, she posted about him on her Instagram in a slightly different context. Admitting that Miles has a slightly flat head, a common condition in infants caused when they spend a lot of time in one position that can put pressure on the skull, Teigen showed a picture of the baby wearing a corrective helmet.

The post caused a flood of positive responses from parents whose children also had to wear corrective headgear. The post also drew attention from a few critics as well. Teigen took to Twitter a few days after the post, saying that a photo doesn’t tell the whole story and that Miles received physical therapy before being fitted with the helmet.

The arrival of baby Luna

Two years prior to baby Miles, Teigen and Legend had their first child, Luna Simone. The adorable little girl was introduced to the world in an Instagram post, showing the new family of three snuggled up on the hospital bed.

Teigen admitted to struggling after giving birth to Luna, especially with postpartum depression. She was open about feeling low for a long time and said that through John’s support, and with the help of family and friends, she was able to get her depression under control.

Teigen and breastfeeding struggles

As many mothers know, feeding a baby can be a battle in itself. Chrissy Teigen has been open about her difficulties with breastfeeding, including how breastfeeding a new baby makes her feel “like a dairy cow” and that it takes hours every day.

Most recently, Teigen received some controversial remarks over an Instagram post she made in July. The picture showed her breastfeeding both new baby Miles and holding Luna’s doll. “I guess I have twins now,” Teigen captioned the post. Followers were quick to comment on the post, everything from how Teigen should cover up before she posts to social media to those thanking her for being so open and real about parenting.

Choosing which photos to post

Picking the right family photos for Instagram is a struggle for everyone, even those with a net worth of over $13 million. In July 2018, Teigen posted a beautiful shot of her holding both of her young children. The caption revealed that Teigen debated whether to display the photo where Luna is looking at the camera or the one where Miles’ face is covered, or where Teigen looked her best – since one photo is never able to accurately capture everyone.

The comments section of the adorable post is full of remarks from parents who claim they relate to the difficulties of getting a good family photo. In the world of indignant social media battles, the post became a rare display of solidarity.

With a hot new cookware line, a hosting gig on the popular TV show Lip Sync Battle, and a reputation for putting together the best recipes in the business, Chrissy Teigen is moving onwards and upwards. She’s sure to share even more hilarious, heartfelt parenting moments in the year 2019.