Chrissy Teigen’s Mom ‘Pepper Thai’ Reveals The 1 Thing She Has In Her House At All Times

However magical Chrissy Teigen appears, the model, mom of two, and the bestselling cookbook author didn’t just appear out of nowhere. Vilailuck “Pepper Thai” Teigen gave birth to our Queen of the clap back and we’re forever in her debt.

And, because you can also thank Pepper for Chrissy’s love of cooking — and to celebrate the launch of the Cravings website — Momma T. is sharing her one must-have item. Take notes.

Pepper Thai helped Chrissy with her ‘Cravings’ cookbook

Vilailuck Teigen
Chrissy Teigen and Vilailuck Teigen | Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

You can also thank Pepper for all the recipes in Chrissy’s two cookbooks, Cravings, and Cravings: Hungry For More. Though her specialty lies in all things spicy, Pepper’s contributions span across the pages.

Pepper’s Instagram, whose bio says, “Culinary enthusiast, grandma, and mom of Chrissy Teigen,” feed is filled with family shots (of course), Teigen re-posts, and behind-the-scenes cooking shots. You could say that Pepper is the quintessential spice to Chrissy’s life.

With the launch of the Cravings website, which includes videos, recipes, and restaurant guides, Chrissy stays busy. However, it’s Pepper who’s ready and willing to share her pantry must-haves and we’re all ears.

What 1 thing does Pepper always have in her house?

In a segment called “Pepper’s Corner,” uploaded to Chrissy’s YouTube channel, Pepper and her offspring open the door to their pantry, revealing Pepper’s go-to ingredients.

She shows off a few items such as noodles, bamboo shoots, and squid fish sauce, but there’s one thing she’ll purchase in bulk: jasmine rice.

“Security had to carry it for me. This is the best jasmine Thai rice from Thailand.” Pepper says in the video.

The two also give an insider tip that Chrissy learned in Thailand cooking school. She explains that using a vanilla-jasmine-scented candle can fancy up a dessert with minimal effort.

“You make like a coconut custard and then you light this candle,” she says. “Put it in a bowl near it [the custard] then cover the whole thing so the smoke from the candle infuses the coconut milk with this awesome scent and flavor.”

Pepper has major opinions on (what else) peppers

If you’re still wondering how Chrissy’s mom got that special nickname, it’s because of her love of spicy food.

“Every time I eat, I have to have peppers or something spicy,” she told Taste. “Sometimes we even have a contest to see who can eat hotter, and I always win.”

And she doesn’t mess around, either. Not only does she carry peppers in her purse for travel, but she’s also a fan of the old motto “the hotter, the better.” She said she loves “Thai peppers, ghost chiles, bird’s-eye chiles and Habaneros.”

Pepper said she and Chrissy cook all the time and we’re already imagining (drooling over) their next recipe collaborations. When they’re not cooking, the mom and daughter dup are gearing up for Chrissy’s Court, where Pepper plays the bailiff to Chrissy’s “Judge Judy” position. They’re basically taking over food and entertainment and it’s cool with us.