Christiano Ronaldo Once Dropped $35K for a Wax Statue of Himself

Cristiano Ronaldo is incredibly rich. Eighteen years of dominant soccer will do that for one of the world’s best players. Always one to advertise his brand as loudly as possible, however, one of the things that Ronaldo did with his money both perfectly encapsulates who the celebrity is and shows just how far he will go to pay tribute to himself. This $35,000 vanity project shows just as much about the footballer as anything on the field.

Ronaldo on the field

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After discovering his talent early on in Portugal, Ronaldo was a much-sought-after asset from an early age.

After dominating the youth leagues and spending a year at Sporting CP, Ronaldo’s star rose ever-higher when he joined Manchester United in the English Premier League. Once there, soccer had a new international superstar who was not yet 20, and everything he has done since has further certified this. 

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo | Getty Images

Ronaldo had six great years in Manchester in which he helped them dominate the English soccer league. In his four years, he took a smaller role with the club as he came into his own, but by 2006 his star was getting brighter, and he scored 17 goals on the season. He followed that up with a 31-goal season in 2007-08 and 18 in 2008-09. Ronaldo was a star, but his move after this made him an icon. 

Ronaldo moved from the Premier League to Spain in 2009. There, he unleashed a level of soccer that few could ever match. He scored 46 goals in the 2012 season and 48 in 2014-15. The dominant Spanish league had a superstar on their hands whose surname was known around the world. However, when he always shook things up, Ronaldo moved again in 2018, when he moved to Italy to play for Juventus. At 35 years old, he’s still one of the best in the league. 

Ronaldo the icon

Ronaldo has lucrative deals across the world. While he can get by on his annual salary of around $34 million, his celebrity status makes him far more money. From headlining the internationally-acclaimed FIFA video game franchise to deals with sportswear companies, tech companies, car companies, and fashion companies around the world, it’s safe to say he isn’t struggling for cash. 

He makes $64 million a year between his soccer salary and endorsement deals and currently holds a net worth of over $500 million. He spends this money on luxury vacations, ornate houses, and all the other fix-ins one expects from an international icon.

However, the wax statue he commissioned might be among the most ridiculous things an athlete of his caliber has done. 

Ronaldo put on wax

When Ronaldo saw a wax statue of his likeness at Madrid’s Museum of Wax in 2013, he was so impressed that he paid a hairstylist to go down once a month and perfect its hair and ensure that it was in tip-top shape.

Ronaldo loved the statue but did not want to go to a museum to look at it. He tracked down the artist and paid anywhere from $25,000 to $35,000 to have his own. 

The statue, like the best of its form, has an uncanny resemblance to the footballer. He keeps it at his home and likely takes the same care as the museum bearing the original.

Ronaldo is, for better or for worse, one of the most extravagant athletes on earth. Nothing he does is going to be normal, whether on the field or off. 

His wax statue is a perfect example of this. Love him or hate him, Ronaldo has a way of getting himself out there in ways that other superstars can’t even imagine.