‘Big Brother 21’: Christie and Tommy Had a ‘Gay Conversation,’ While Cliff Admitted He Once ‘Had Different Views’

Christie, who identifies as lesbian, and Tommy, who identifies as gay, knew each other before entering the house and are the only gay contestants on the season. While their sexuality isn’t mentioned much on the show, the two talk about their previous same-sex relationships on the Live Feeds.

On Day 77, Christie and Tommy talked to the Live Feeders and had a ‘gay conversation’ regarding their coming out stories and what they did the day gay marriage was legalized. Additionally, they discussed how far gay rights had come since the 1970s when Cliff was a teenager. Keep reading to learn more.

Big Brother 21 Christie Tommy
Christie Murphy | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

Christie and Tommy had a ‘gay conversation’

Tommy told Christie, “the gays are doing well,” kick-starting what Christie called their “gay conversation.” She said she never considered herself someone who “waves their rainbow flag” but doesn’t hide her sexuality either.

However, Christie said she did buy as much rainbow-themed stuff as she could while listening to Mackelmore’s unofficial same-sex marriage anthem, “Same Love” the day gay marriage became legal.

She also remembered crying on that day because she thought about the people persecuted for being gay or died by suicide because they couldn’t love who they wanted.

Tommy admitted he bullied others when he was younger because he got picked on for being gay, and now looks back with regret. The Broadway dancer came out as gay in kindergarten, but can’t remember the exact moment he told his mother.

The Broadway dancer also said his mom has old-fashioned views when it comes to his sexuality because she told him he’s not necessarily gay if he has a crush on a gay as he could like him as a good friend.

Additionally, Tommy previously told Nick that none of his boyfriends are allowed to sleep in the same bed as him if they spend the night at his parent’s house.

Christie responded to Tommy telling him it’s not a choice to be “close-minded,” and has faith that things will get better with time. She pointed out the fact that there are several gay representatives currently in the media, which didn’t exist a decade ago. Then, Jessica and Cliff entered the room, and Christie repeated their conversation to them.

Cliff admitted he once ‘had different views’

While Jessica claimed she’s “queer” and an “ally,” Cliff admitted he “had different views on homosexuality” as a teenager than he has now. He also said he’s seen so much progress in gay rights and visibility over the past forty years.

Christie agreed with Cliff, saying her father used to be extremely conservative and tearfully apologized to her for using homophobic slurs in the past.

The petroleum engineer continued explaining his previous mindset, saying there wasn’t much integration in the 1970s, and he didn’t know if he had any gay friends because everyone was too scared to admit it.

He also never realized performers such as Freddie Mercury and Elton John were gay because it was never a thing anyone talked about. The conversation ended, and Cliff told them he was going to bed.

Christie later admitted she had a crush on evicted Houseguest, Kat. She continued, saying the longer Kat is gone, the more she misses the marketing executive, even though she’s usually not attracted to girls with extensions.

While Christie admitted she didn’t particularly enjoy emotional Kat, the boutique owner said she was great and has “more to her than meets the eye.” Will Christie ever tell Kat her true feelings? Watch Big Brother Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS to find out.