Christina Aguilera: Here’s What People Get Wrong About Kanye West

Kanye West is almost always drowning in controversy. The outspoken entertainer is constantly getting in trouble on social media. He’s also in headlines for beefing with other celebs more often than not.

Despite his track record and less than stellar behavior, the fashion mogul does have an unlikely friend in his corner, Christina Aguilera. Recently she decided to “set the record straight” about West but before getting into it, let’s take a look at some of the singers most controversial moments.

Kanye West does Drake dirty

Kanye West
Kanye West | SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

West may be all over the media for his political insanity but he also constantly makes the wrong moves among his peers. When West approached Drake under the guise to help him with his music, Drake was ecstatic. Unfortunately, West had other plans for the sensitive information that Drake was providing him. The controversial entertainer decided to leak their private conversations to Drakes arch nemesis, Pusha T.

What’s worse? West decided he was going to plan his own album release date to overshadow Drakes. While West did attempt to apologize for his wrongdoing, it doesn’t make what he did any less dirty. 

Kanye West’s views on the 13th amendment

It’s no secret that West is a big Donald Trump supporter. Just in case anyone tried to forget the singer’s support of the POTUS, West decided to remind them during his guest appearance on SNL back in October of last year. After he wrapped up his musical guest performance, he used up more stage time for a political rant. While rocking a MAGA hat, West shared his controversial views which were obviously met with boos, uneasy applause, and ultimately dead silence. Even the cast members were uncomfortable. 

Just in case his message wasn’t clear, West went to Twitter to essentially bash the 13th amendment and continue pushing the “make America great again” agenda. Needless to say, the backlash was harsh and swift. 

Kanye West bring politics back in 2019

With a new year came new controversy. West was back at it on Twitter despite vowing to take a break after his last debacle. He clearly didn’t learn his lesson as he fired off a flurry of politically charged tweets. The tweets covered everything from his undying love for the POTUS to his political agenda for his fashion brand. 

West even went as far as to say he’ll be rocking his MAGA hat in his performances in the New Year and that the hat represents his freedom to do what he wants. In his words “no one can tell me what to do because I’m black.” As with all of his political tweets, this grouping received tons of hate on the social media platform. 

Christina Aguilera puts West’s screw-ups on the back burner

According to the stunning singer, people got West all wrong. Apparently, her personal experiences with West have been nothing but great. She feels like he is fantastic at what he does and she had a wonderful time working with him. A caller asked what the biggest misconception was about him, but she felt she was not the right person to answer the question because she isn’t in his inner circle.

She did say that it is difficult being a creative person that is in the public eye because the fans and the media judge them much more harshly than the average person. It seems like she feels you can’t quiet a star. If he wants to speak his opinion, he should be allowed to express it. If his opinion differs from his fans, they can’t hold it against him any more than they would any other person.