Christina El Moussa Reveals The One Thing She Does Every Morning With Ant Anstead

The world was recently surprised and delighted to learn of the wedding of Christina El Moussa to Ant Anstead. The couple is nothing short of adorable, and they told the world something about their relationship that made us all love them a little more – their morning routine. So what is it about Christina and Ant’s morning ritual that is so unique? Let’s take a look at the one thing Christina El Moussa says that she does every morning with her brand new husband so we can look a little deeper into their new life together, and perhaps even take a cue from the newlyweds!

Christina El Moussa and Ant Anstead play this

Christina El Moussa and Ant Anstead

Christina El Moussa and Ant Anstead | Christina El Moussa via Instagram

Often used as a method of choosing, for example, deciding who will or won’t do something, rock, paper, scissors, is a fun game that has been played for many years. So much so, that the new bride shared a video of her and her husband playing the game, and revealed that they play it every morning while still in bed as part of their morning ritual.

On January 4, 2019, the winner of the game was Anstead, who refers to it as “scissor, paper, stone”, meaning his lovely wife was the one who had to get up first and get the coffee brewing.

The two lovebirds enjoy adding their own twist and fun to the game, giggling as they play, and even accusing the other of cheating. They will play a few rounds of rock, paper, scissors, before deciding on a winner. Their early morning gamble helps them start the day with a smile and a good laugh before getting out of bed, and is something they look forward to.

What else does Christina El Moussa do first thing in the morning?

In addition to the fun game that they engage in while still under the covers, Christina has other activities that she does each day. After getting up, El Moussa starts her day off on the right foot by going on a three-mile run. She calls running her “go-to” workout, saying that in the half hour or so that she has to exercise, she enjoys jogging around her neighborhood. Often seen running with her dog, Christina says that the morning run puts her in a good state of mind and prepares her for the day ahead.

Upon returning from her run, Christina continues her morning schedule by enjoying a cup of coffee sweetened with cream and stevia, and eating a healthy bowl of overnight oats, berries, and peanut butter. As one of her favorite foods, peanut butter provides the sweetness that she craves along with the protein she needs for nutrition and good health.

What’s next?

Once she has completed her workout and fueled up with a nourishing breakfast, the next thing Christina does is take a quick, refreshing shower, and have her hair and makeup done. Then she is prepared for a busy day of filming!

Does Christina enjoy other activities?

Running is not the only activity that keeps Christina El Moussa in excellent shape! She maintains her perfect figure by participating in Orangetheory exercise classes whenever possible, and also by practicing yoga. Christina is proud of the healthy lifestyle that she leads, something that her new husband also follows. She passes her values for healthy eating and exercise along to her children, stating that the whole family eats a clean, organic diet.

The family of Ant Anstead and Christina El Moussa

The backyard wedding brought the couple even closer together, and their family couldn’t be happier. Together, they have four children. El Moussa has two kids, Taylor, age 8, and Brayden, age 3, while Anstead is the father of Archie age 12, and Amelie, age 15.

We can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for the blended family!