‘Christina on the Coast’: Will Ant Anstead’s Proposal to Christina El Moussa Be on the Show?

Christina and Anstead | Christina El Moussa via Instagram

Christina on the Coast will be premiering early this year. The star, Christina El Moussa recently got married to Ant Anstead and it took most people by surprise. Will the big day be shown on the new design show? Here is everything you need to know.

Christina El Moussa said the proposal and wedding will be on Christina on the Coast

Christina El Moussa and Ant Anstead
| Christina El Moussa via Instagram

Many fans didn’t know the interior designer married her new boyfriend until after the wedding. But they will get to follow the couple’s journey to the aisle on her new show.

You’re getting really high design, but you’re also getting a glimpse of my personal life, for example, the engagement, the nutrition book I’m writing,” El Moussa told Entertainment Tonight. “Yeah, he’s in it — the engagement, the wedding, the whole thing.”

It sounds like fans will get to see how the two managed to keep the big event a secret for so long.

She said their publicist and planners kept the wedding secret

| Christina El Moussa via Instagram

There were many people who were in on the secret. “We got really lucky, we really did. My publicist met with a lot of the planners and everyone just kept it secret. It was amazing that that can still happen,” El Moussa said. “I was just really trying to stay calm and enjoy all the moments of it.”

Ant Anstead previously told People how he proposed to the reality star. “I did the proposal on Newport Beach on the sand with some champagne at sunset,” he said.

El Moussa also chimed in on how her husband got her to the beach. “He was like, ‘Let’s just go for a bike ride’ and we were going to grab dinner,” she told People. “We were watching the sunset, and then all of a sudden he just got on his knee and proposed. So yes, I was surprised.”

But Anstead’s cover was almost blown even before the proposal. “I called on [El Moussa’s] best friend, Cassie, and I said, ‘Look, we need to go ring shopping,’” he said. “We walked into a jeweler and I started looking at rings. And then I heard a customer go, ‘Oh my god it’s Ant from Wheelers and Dealers.’ And I just turned and walked out the shop. And Cassie is left in there going, ‘Ant? Ant?’” Luckily, everything worked out for the two of them.

Christina on the Coast will focus on design

Christina El Moussa standing next to design tiles
Christina El Moussa | Christina El Moussa via Instagram

Christina El Moussa was certainly the design force on Flip or Flop so it only makes sense that her new show will focus on it. She will be transforming properties along the coast through design.

Design is my favorite part of the house-flipping process and I can’t wait to be able to now work directly with clients and create a space they’ve always dreamed of having,” she announced in the press release.

Tarek El Moussa may also be seen on the show given they live just two streets apart from each other and are co-parenting their two kids together. The divorced spouses continued to work with each other on Flip or Flop so they seemed to really figure out staying on good terms.

So it sounds like people will get a good look into Christina El Moussa’s love life on the new show. They might even see Tarek El Moussa and more of what their relationship is like today.

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