Christopher Eccleston ‘Lost All His Confidence’ Upon Leaving ‘Doctor Who’

Christopher Eccleston gave a great performance as the Ninth Doctor in Doctor Who. Unfortunately, it was far too brief for many fans, since the actor only stuck around for one season of the show. He is now speaking out on why, and it may surprise some fans.

Eccleston loved playing The Doctor and loved the show itself. So why did he leave? And what caused him to lose all his confidence? Find out, ahead.

Why did Christopher Eccleston leave ‘Doctor Who’?

Christopher Eccleston of Doctor Who at New York Comic Con
Christopher Eccleston at New York Comic Con | Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for ReedPOP

There must have been a reason why Christopher Eccleston left a role he loved so much. According to the actor himself,” [he] left because [his] relationship with the showrunner [Russell T Davies] and the producers broke down – [it was] the politics of the show [that he didn’t like].” That is understandable. No one likes to work with people they can’t have a good relationship with.

He continued by saying “[he] felt, ‘I’m gonna play the Doctor my way and I’m not gonna get involved in these politics’… and that wasn’t workable, so off [he] went.” This must make some fans wonder what could have gone on during the filming of the first season of the show. What “politics” drove the star to leave?

Why did Eccleston lose his confidence?

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According to the actor himself, he “lost all [his] confidence as an actor and as a person as a result of what happened with Doctor Who.” Yet why did this happen? He must have gone through a lot behind the scenes. It also probably didn’t help that the media were writing “lies… about [him] betraying Doctor Who.”

That must have been hard to go through, especially knowing what he knew about how the showrunner and producers were acting. Another piece of the puzzle may explain why he lost his confidence as a result of his time on Doctor Who: ” if the director, for instance, treats a member of the crew badly and then comes to speak to [him] about [his] performance, [he has] no respect for them and [he doesn’t] listen to them and that’s difficult.” So perhaps he dealt with a lot of difficult directors as well during his time on Doctor Who.

What could have been some other reasons?

He likely lost his confidence because of how the showrunner and producers treated him. We’re not claiming to know the whole story, the only one who does is Christopher Eccleston himself. Perhaps the showrunner and producers know too, yet they might have no idea what they did wrong.

It must have been hard for Eccleston. He probably felt like no one was on his side. That would make anyone upset.

An actor needs their confidence, especially to play a role as iconic as The Doctor in Doctor Who. So when Eccleston lost his confidence, he could not play the role any longer. He had to get out of the bad environment he was in. It nearly destroyed him as a person and as an actor.

Eccleston is a talented actor. He portrayed the Ninth Doctor brilliantly. When he lost his confidence, it threw him for a loop. He didn’t know how to handle it.