‘Claws’ Muscle and Flow: Who is the Lovestones’ Silent Partner?

Desna and her crew start working at the casino and end up uncovering more secrets. Desna gets her shop back, and Polly breaks up with Dr. Ken. They also discover an influential person whom the Lovestones are laundering money with and seek to use the information for their gain. Who is the Lovestones’ silent partner?

** SPOILER ALERT** This article contains information released in Season 3 Episode 2, Muscle and Flow.

Claws Muscle and Flow
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Desna Simms gets her shop back in Muscle and Flow

She repurchased her store in an auction and opened the doors again. Desna then told the crew that she wants everyone to split their time between working at the casino and the salon, and everyone agreed. She also explained to Roller Husser that she plans on franchising her nail salon and opening more locations.

Even though Desna finally has her shop back, because she is mainly at the casino, she left Virginia Loc in charge. Several times, when Desna should be paying attention to something else, Virginia continually calls her with questions. Desna gave Virginia the green light to make decisions for the shop and promoted Virginia to store manager.

Who is the Lovestones’ silent partner?

Max and Melba Lovestone are the odd but dangerous couple who owns the casino. Desna and her girls come in, ready to work, and they reluctantly showed her around. They meet Joe Dupree, the General Manager of the casino and Desna appoints Polly as her general manager.

The girls also notice the casino’s hosting a Miss Florida Muscle Competition and Desna wants to help. She appoints Quiet Ann as security and Max Lovestone asked Desna to be the Mistress of Ceremonies at the competition.

Desna noticed two Mormons talking to the Lovestones, and their accountant, Yolanda, told Desna that they are laundering millions of dollars into an account called “Trip.” The next day, a contestant wanted a specific suite that Melba claimed was not available.

After the woman threatened to call Trip, Melba claimed the computer made a mistake and gave her the suite anyway. Desna and Polly also heard her on the phone, yelling at Trip, angry at him for getting her pregnant and then leaving her.

The girls want to find out who Trip is, so Polly snoops in Joe’s office. He catches her, and opens a safe, displaying an autographed picture with the Lovestones hanging out with the governor, signed Trip. Once the girls find out who Trip is, they try to save Penelope’s life.

Desna and her crew almost save Penelope Van Summers in Muscle and Flow

When Desna and Jenny overheard the bodybuilder on the phone, they went to her and asked her for more information. Penelope admits to getting pregnant by a married man with kids, and they fixed the competition so she would win. However, she said that’s not enough anymore, and she wants $500K to keep her mouth shut.

Desna attempts to talk to Penelope again at the bar; however, she gets distracted by several calls and Penelope leaves. But Desna soon figures out that the owners and Joe discuss Penelope “never getting to cash that check.”

At the competition, Desna went backstage and told Penelope that she’s in danger. When Desna announces Penelope as the winner, Penelope never accepts her trophy because Ann drove her to Penelope’s aunt’s house. Once the viewers, and Desna, believe Penelope is safe, Joe appeared in her kitchen and stabbed her to death, closing out Claws Muscle and Flow.

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