Coachella Postponed Due to Coronavirus and Fans Think It Will Be Even Better In October

The Coachella music festival is postponing the festival until October due to growing concerns over the coronavirus. Coachella was scheduled to run the weekends of April 10-12 and 17-19, but now the festival is eyeing October. The festival intends to retain the same lineup, which includes Rage Against the Machine, Travis Scott, Lana Del Ray, Carly Rae Jepsen, Megan Thee Stallion and more. However, rescheduling that many acts could necessitate a few replacements.

Coachella 2019 | Kent Nishimura / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Variety and Rolling Stone report that the festival will move to the weekend of Oct. 9, making Oct. 16 the second weekend. This move follows the coronavirus-related postponement of Miami’s Ultra Music Festival and the cancelation of South by Southwest. Multiple sources tell Variety and Rolling Stone postponement is likely. As the news spread on social media, already fans were actually making the best out of the situation.

A cooler Coachella in October

April in Coachella is hot. It’s a small price to pay for the music and the community, but a music festival closer to the breezy holiday season could become an advantage. 

Artist James Charles is ready for October fashions:

YouTuber Manny MUA is into it.

This user says not so fast though. “Little did you idiots know that the weather doesn’t cool down till after Halloween here in the desert,” @Rblvd wrote.

This user calculated that Frank Ocean will have new music to perform in October:

Channel Orange: 7/10/2012

blond: 8/20/2016

Frank Ocean’s new album: 9/30/2020

Therefore his new album will be released in sequence with the dates if [sic] his previous albums, & also released right before his next performance which is the new Coachella date in October. It’s all adding up!”


Halloween Coachella

Those two weekends in October would put the festival in prime Halloween season. While amusement parks are running their Halloween haunts, Coachella could put on a more haunting vibe in October.

Vizer app cofounder Dylan Barbour shared a Michael Myers dancing gif.

This user wrote, “Coachella during Halloween? IM READY.”

This user already plans to sneak holiday drinks in. “Me and my bestie sneaking in some pumpkin spice latte into Coachella,” @UnofficialJosh wrote.

This user wrote, “Coachella postponed until October is what the halloween gods wanted.”

Coronavirus causes Coachella to postpone
Coachella 2019 | Presley Ann/Getty Images for Coachella

This user promised to come in costume. “Looks like I’m bringing my halloween outfit to Coachella this year,” Moises Madrigal wrote.

This user suggested a group costume. “Who wants to be the Sanderson Sister [sic] with me?” John Castro wrote.

Time to save up for the fest

For many, the seven month postponement gives them seven more months to save up money to attend. Nobody wants the coronavirus to cause such a disturbance, but they’re looking on the bright side.

This user wrote, “pretending to be mad that coachella is moved but on the inside I’m laughing because now I won’t be broke next month.”

Zel is willing to put in more time to get dressed up for Coachella.

This user will also celebrate a milestone before October. “Honestly Coachella being moved to October is kinda the best thing for me, I’ll be 21, cuter outfits, more time to save money.”

There are many tweets like this user’s: “Coachella is postponed to October which means I got more time to save money for it.”