‘The Bachelor’: Why Some Fans Think Colton Underwood Doesn’t Get Engaged After All

Colton Underwood | Noel Vasquez/Getty Images
Colton Underwood | Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Anyone who’s watching this season of The Bachelor will tell you that Colton Underwood is on the show to find his wife. He speaks frequently about how he’s terrified of the possibility that some of the women are “here for the wrong reasons,” and he’s not afraid to interrogate them individually in the hopes of sniffing out a rat.

The possibility that some of the women are only on the show in hopes of being the next bachelorette, or to catapult into Instagram fame has been a frequent topic at the mansion and abroad. Tears have been shed, the claws have come out, women who weren’t invited to group dates have shown up to spill some tea–the general vibe is chaotic.

But what if it’s Colton who’s not ready to get engaged?

In the finale promo video, there isn’t a ring in the box Colton’s holding

Several Bachelor fans have pointed out that in the series finale promo video, there isn’t a ring in the box Underwood’s holding.

The photos from the video show our bachelor looking down at an empty ring box. Cue: bachelor nation freaking out. Though many fans are worried this could mean Underwood doesn’t end up proposing to anyone, some have come forward with their own theories.

What ‘Bachelor’ fans think about there not being a ring in the box  

Maybe the producers don’t want us seeing the ring before the final episode. Maybe he wants her to pick out the ring herself. Or maybe, at the end of the day, he’s just not ready to get down on one knee.

One fan thinks we can’t see the ring because there is no ring—only a single butterfly. Cassie Randolph is a fan favorite to end up with Underwood. Upon their first meeting back at the mansion, Randolph presented Underwood with a box of butterflies. He kept one—could it be in the box he’s holding?

Colton’s response

Underwood posted a tweet in response to the video: “Rings belong on fingers… not in boxes,” he wrote.

Wow, he really showed them. So Underwood is saying there’s no ring in the box because it’s already on the finger of his fiance? Nice try. Why would he be looking down at an empty box after he proposed?

Why there’s a real possibility Colton Underwood doesn’t propose to anyone

In addition to the ringless box, there are a couple other reasons fans aren’t so sure that Underwood gets down on one knee at the end of this season.

“With previous seasons of The Bachelor, the lead has revealed whether or not he ends up engaged at the end of the season. But, this time around, Colton has been conspicuously cagey about revealing whether or not he’s set to get married by the end of the season,” says Elite Daily.

His post on Instagram to announce the start of his journey as the bachelor was also particularly vague.

He doesn’t really have a lot of positive things to say about love—just that it’s not “always pretty, clear or easy.” He says he learned a lot along the way and grew as a person. Could these be the words of someone who didn’t end up getting engaged?

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