Colton Underwood Opens Up About Being ‘Crippled With Social Anxiety’ After ‘The Bachelor’

Colton Underwood’s always been open about his mental health struggles. When he and Cassie Randolph went to Bermuda back in June, he ended his trip with an Instagram post detailing all that he’d reflected on while away.

“What a week. Lots of reflecting and soaking in everything that has happened these past few months. At times I have felt super overwhelmed and my anxiety has ran really high,” he wrote.

“I’m still looking for my purpose and I’m still looking for a better sense of direction…even when I act like I have it all together and figured out (I like to call it my false confidence)…but the one thing I do have figured out and am certain of is that I’m very grateful and very very lucky to have so many incredible people in my life. I’m so appreciative of you all. You are blessings,” Underwood continued.

Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, particularly the end, was a little bumpy. The woman he wanted to end up with, Randolph, decided to break up with him and leave the show. In the moment, Underwood was visibly very upset, panicking, when Randolph left. It’s what lead to the infamous fence jump.

Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood | Jackson Lee/GC Images
Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood | Jackson Lee/GC Images

Of course, as Bachelor fans know, Underwood and Randolph worked things out and are happily together today. But going into the “real world” as a couple after a finale so dramatic must have certainly been anxiety-inducing, especially for someone who regularly struggles with anxiety like Underwood.

Colton Underwood’s Instagram post in honor of Mental Health Day

In honor of Mental Health Day, Underwood took to Instagram to open up about his ongoing struggle with anxiety.

“I went to post this yesterday on World Mental Health Day, but I found it more fitting to post it the day after. Mental health is an everyday thing for me. After my season of the bachelor I was crippled with social anxiety, I lashed out at people I loved and people who loved me because I was frustrated with myself,” he wrote.

Underwood continued: “The simple task of going out for dinner made me anxious. Thank God for my friends, family and therapist for being patient with me. I still battle anxiety on a daily basis so I feel like everyday is mental health day. Make sure to check on your strongest friends and family today and everyday. I love y’all.”

Colton Underwood’s supportive fans

He received a wave of supportive comments.

“Thanks for this post. My son also suffers from anxiety and depression. Your someone he could definitely look up to,” wrote one fan.

“Your transparency helps others. Thank you ❤️,” wrote another.

“You’re amazing, thank you for the honesty,” commented another.

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