Colton Underwood Says ‘The Bachelor’ Producers Weren’t Happy He Wanted to Break the Fourth Wall

One thing Colton Underwood wasn’t afraid to do during his season of The Bachelor is go by his own rules. He had an unexpected ending because of that. Now Underwood is saying producers weren’t happy with him. Find out the reason why and his thoughts on Peter Weber’s season.

Colton Underwood had an unexpected ending

Colton Underwood of 'The Bachelor'
Colton Underwood of ‘The Bachelor’ | Paula Lobo/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Underwood starred in season 23 of The Bachelor. His ending was unexpected because Cassie Randolph decided to quit when she realized she wasn’t ready to get married. This upset him to where he jumped a fence to get away from the cameras and producers.

He decided to send home the last two women, Tayshia Adams and Hannah Godwin. Then he followed Randolph and asked if she would be willing to continue to date him. They are still together.

He thought ‘The Bachelor’ Season 24 was over produced

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The former reality star was doing a Q&A on Instagram Live with his fans. One of them asked how he feels about Weber’s season.

“Interesting question. Since I was silenced this season and opted to not watch it I can’t go into detail. What I can say is I feel like it was way over produced and both parties could have done a much better job (Peter and production),” he wrote. “Peter could have stood up for himself and put his foot down when the tv show part of things started to control his relationships. Production could have helped guide him better, I spoke about how at some points you have to use your gut and trust them in my book with examples. I do feel very sorry for Pete.”

He certainly wasn’t the only one who thought producers interfered with this season. Now he is giving a reason for his theory.

He said producers weren’t happy he wanted to break the fourth wall

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Underwood didn’t give his opinion on Weber’s season for a reason. That’s because he wanted to talk about how producers affected things.

“One of my goals of the show is to break the fourth wall and I don’t think production really liked that I was on board with that,” Underwood told Us Weekly. “But nobody wants to feel tricked nowadays and and I think that was my growing frustration as I was, you know, watching or not really watching but hearing about Peter season and seeing the the recaps on Twitter, and they wouldn’t let me write about it.”

He continued, “They wouldn’t let me talk about his season because I knew I’d keep it to real. They knew that I knew too much of what was going on.”

He pointed out Victoria Fuller running into her ex, Chase Rice on a date as an example of producers meddling. “Victoria doesn’t show up with Chase Rice singing as her ex on accident,” he said. “The whole Victoria situation I feel bad for that poor lady and I feel frustrated for Peter, just because there was so much confusion going on. And I feel like that’s the producer’s job is to sort of help guide the lead, guide the person I felt like they hung him out to dry in so many different ways and set him up for failure.”

It sounds like the reality star feels bad for Weber, who got a lot of backlash at the end of his season. Underwood’s book about his experience on the show called, The First Time is now available.