‘Community’: Is Yahoo Already Done With The Show?

Source: Yahoo!

Source: Yahoo!

The future of Community is looking pretty bleak. While the show’s cast has already expressed doubts at the possibility of the sitcom getting a seventh season, it looks like chances are all but gone now. Yahoo just revealed that the show’s revival, along with the production of other underperforming original series like Sin City Saints and Other Space, has resulted in a whopping $42 million loss for the company.

According to Variety, Yahoo CFO, Ken Goldman, revealed the astounding financial hit during a third-quarter earnings call on Tuesday, specifically citing the three titles as reasons for what went wrong. As he explained, the company wasn’t able to find a way to effectively monetize the programming. “We thought long and hard about it, and what we concluded is [for] certain of our original video [series], we couldn’t see a way to make money over time,” Goldman said.

Yahoo gave Dan Harmon’s Community a second life after it was canceled at NBC, airing the sixth season on its video platform, Yahoo Screen, in March. The company attracted Honda as a launch sponsor for the series, but Community ultimately failed to land a big enough audience or any long-term commitments from advertisers to make the investment worth it.

“We’re not saying we’re not going to do these at all in the future,” Goldman explained. “But what we are saying is, in three cases at least, it didn’t work the way we had hoped it to work, and we’ve decided to move on.”

News of the financial hit seems to be the final nail in the coffin for Community, which has faced an uncertain future for some time now. Earlier this summer, star Joel McHale suggested another season seemed unlikely as the show was getting too expensive to continue, particularly with the rising stock of the cast.

Harmon expressed his own doubts earlier this month after the departure of Yahoo Chief Marketing Officer, Kathy Savitt, who was the show’s main champion at the company. “That makes it look a little more bleak,” Harmon told The Hollywood Reporter. “Just because before she was gone, she was the person that anyone could pick up the phone and say, ‘Let’s make this Community thing happen,’ whatever it was, and she’s the reason it would get done.”

Still, Community fans shouldn’t lose hope just yet. While a seventh season doesn’t seem likely, Variety claims that the possibility of a movie is still on the table. Though Yahoo previously floated the idea of fulfilling the fanbase’s “six seasons and a movie” mantra, new reports suggest that that could still happen — with or without the company’s support.

Whether the movie will ever come into fruition remains to be seen. The show’s stars have expressed enthusiasm at the idea of a Community feature in the past. “The cast would do [a movie]. We would all do it,” McHale told Esquire in June.

In the meantime, fans will have to stay tuned to find out if Community can pull another, well, Community and bounce back from the almost-dead yet again.

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