Concert Review: SuperM Provide Fans With Entertainment and Escapism

On Nov. 17, SuperM performed the fourth concert of their We Are the Future Live tour at the EagleBank Arena in Fairfax, Va. SuperM held their first mini-concert in Los Angeles on Oct. 5. The concert was livestreamed for fans unable to attend. During the concert, the members expressed how nervous they were for their SuperM debut.

At EagleBank Arena, those nerves were nowhere to be found. SuperM brought high-energy performances and moved with fun-infused confidence. Through their near hour-and-a-half setlist, SuperM provided concertgoers with a perfected form of escapism.

SuperM concert
SuperM | Rich Polk/Getty Images for Capitol Music Group

SuperM brought fans of different groups together

The septet of Korean artists was created by SM Entertainment and Capitol Records. All of the members of SuperM originate from already established groups with SM Entertainment. Taemin debuted with SHINee in 2008, Baekhyun and Kai are from EXO, Taeyong and Mark are members of NCT 127, and Ten and Lucas are in WayV.

The fusion of different groups was evident from the moment one set foot in EagleBank Arena. Fans were able to purchase SuperM light sticks before the show, and these light sticks were scattered throughout the arena. Other concertgoers carried SHINee, EXO, and NCT light sticks, creating a blend of the different fandoms.

SuperM performed new songs for the concert

SuperM opened the concert with “I Can’t Stand the Rain.” While the song was not the lead single from SuperM’s EP, it is a standout track from the album. During the opening number, the members of SuperM moved through the intense choreography in perfect synchronization. Following “I Can’t Stand the Rain,” SuperM performed songs from their EP, solo and unit stages, and unreleased songs.

For the solo stages, Taemin performed his 2014 hit “Danger” and the Korean version of his 2016 song, “Goodbye.” Ten performed “Dream In a Dream” and “New Heroes,” and Baekhyun performed “Betcha” and “UN Village.” Taeyong, Lucas, Mark, and Kai performed the unreleased solos, “GTA,” “Make That Bass Go Boom,” “Talk About,” and “Confession.”

The seven members of SuperM performed two new unreleased songs, “Dangerous Woman” and “With You.” To open “Dangerous Woman,” SuperM sang the opening notes a cappella. Based on fans’ reactions, the studio versions of these songs will hopefully be available for SuperM fans soon.

To NCT fans’ delight, Ten and Taeyong performed their 2018 duet, “Baby Don’t Stop.” Interspersed with the solos, unreleased songs, and “Baby Don’t Stop,” SuperM performed “Super Car,” “2 Fast,” “No Manners,” and “Jopping” from their EP. The concert flew by, with the dynamic finale of “Jopping” arriving much too soon.

The members of SuperM showcased their talent during the concert

While the concert felt brief, the setlist allowed the members of SuperM to show their chemistry as a group as well as their individual talent. No member appeared more confident onstage than Taemin. The K-pop veteran danced with such fluid motion it seemed almost inhuman. He glided across the stage and freely jumped off set pieces and into the lift on the main stage with no fear.

SuperM members Baekhyun and Kai moved with similar confidence during the concert. Baekhyun wowed the audience during his solos and “2 Fast.” During “Confession,” Kai stunned fans with his steamy performance.

Ten’s solos demonstrated his layers of talent. The Thai artist is a triple threat and can sing, rap, and dance with ease. While all of the members are skilled at dancing, the way Ten moved throughout “Dream In a Dream” and “New Heroes” was art personified.

Taeyong commanded the stage during “GTA,” with his other shining moment being his verse in “No Manners,” the song he helped write and compose. Onstage, Mark had charisma to spare whether he was conversing with the audience or performing. Lucas won the crowd over with his goofy and boyish charm, receiving one of the loudest cheers during the group’s ending ments.

SuperM provided fans with an escape during the concert

Onstage, the members of SuperM genuinely appeared to have fun. With his new single, Lucas brought his contagious and happy energy. As he performed, a smile never left his face and concertgoers returned the enthusiasm.

In an unplanned moment of genuine chemistry, Taeyong managed to make Ten laugh during “Baby Don’t Stop.” The two shared a smile before returning to the choreography. During “2 Fast,” Taemin did the Naruto run from the main stage to the extended stage, causing fans and himself to laugh.

The members of SuperM seemed to know how their energy would affect the audience. After introducing themselves, Baekhyun advised fans not to hit their heads with their light sticks by getting too excited. It was a fair warning, as the concert centered around having fun.

During their ending ments, SuperM wholeheartedly thanked fans for their support. The members of SuperM also expressed their hope that SuperM will continue to grow. Based on the cheers from the audience, this hope seems likely.

At EagleBank Arena, SuperM provided fans with a night of entertainment. The dynamic stages and amusing fan interactions signified SuperM’s talent as both artists and performers. Thanks to SuperM, concertgoers were transported to a place where they could simply let go and enjoy something.