Conor Mcgregor Has Million Dollar Mansions All Over the Globe

When it comes to the history of the UFC, it may be helpful to think of things as “Before Conor McGregor” and “After Conor McGregor.” That’s simply how impactful of a fighter he’s been, as he’s in a weight class of his own when it comes to making money in the UFC.

Not only has McGregor been the first champ-champ, but he’s also easily the most famous and the most wealthy fighter, too. Like any celebrity, all that money means a lot of different toys, and for McGregor, those come in the shape of cars and homes. Here’s a look at Conor McGregor’s multiple mansions from around the world.

Conor McGregor talking at a press event
Conor McGregor talking a press event | Lawrie/Getty Images

A brief look at Conor McGregor’s career and net worth

Like many UFC fighters, McGregor started from the bottom and worked his way up to stardom. In his home country of Ireland, he took training so seriously that he partially lived on welfare while he was developing his skills and his career. But of course, after finding his footing and getting many knockouts under his belt, the UFC signed him on. 

McGregor’s skills were very apparent the moment he debuted in the UFC. His knockout skills were obvious, but so were his skills on the mic. McGregor quickly became a fan-favorite fighter as he’d always have something funny or witty to say. It didn’t take him long before he earned and won his titles, and from then on, the rest was history. 

After his meteoric rise through the UFC, and especially thanks to his big boxing match against Floyd Mayweather, McGregor has an estimated net worth of about $110 million.

A truly lavish lifestyle

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Obviously, net worth isn’t the same as money in the bank, but still, Conor McGregor is easily the most wealthy UFC fighter so far. Every fight that he does, even the fights that aren’t very hyped up, will make him a lot of money. As a result, he’s been able to do a lot of lavish things, but also, some good in the world. 

For example, after he made it big, he decided to buy brand-new BMWs for each of his loved ones. He also decided to buy out his parent’s mortgage so that they could stay in their family home forever. And more recently, he’s donated millions to charities, including first responder charities and local clinics and hospitals in Ireland. 

But of course, he’s also spent it on himself. McGregor loves dressing well, eating well, and traveling well. He also applies a similar philosophy to the places where he spends most of his time in, too. For example, his gym got a massive renovation recently, and he also bought multiple million dollar mansions around the world.

Conor McGregor’s million dollar homes

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As The SportsRush said, McGregor has three mansions around the world. The first is, of course, in his home country of Ireland. This five bedroom, six bathroom property is located in Dublin, his hometown. It’s massive and lavish, as it’s worth well over $2 million. While this home lets him stay close to his roots, it’s not his only house.

In Spain, McGregor owns a vacation home in Marbella that’s worth well over $1.3 million. This luxurious vacation home has all the features and amenities that the former champ could want, but of course, there’s also the comfortable Mediterranean weather that he’s really paying for.

And of course, McGregor owns a mansion in Las Vegas, the city where most of his UFC fights will probably take place. This home, while luxurious, is more of a work home since it helps him prepare for his big fights while allowing him to stay close with his family. That said, it’s not clear how much this home is worth.