Conrad Empson From ‘Below Deck Med’ Dishes About New Show (and ‘Below Deck’)

Conrad Empson | Conrad Empson Instagram

Below Deck fans who are missing the adorable British bosun from last season are in luck. Conrad Empson is back, but this time he’s above deck. In fact, he’s flipping houses and taking viewers along for the journey.

Empson dished with The Cheat Sheet about his new interactive house flipping series, yachting, and Below Deck. He says he backed into the idea of flipping houses in Long Island, New York when realtor Ryan suggested Empson check out the market. “Ryan reached out from Long Isand area,” he explains. “Some of my local friends, Kasey and Colin, from Below Deck Med live there. So I thought why not let’s look.”

Now fans can get their fix every Tuesday, plus have a chance to interact with the Below Deck Med bosun.

‘Conrad Renovates’

Unlike other house flipping shows, Conrad Renovates really takes the viewers along for the ride. Empson and his real estate agent dive deep into some pretty rundown properties that need more than a little love. From confronting homes that are literally falling apart to mysterious red liquid in a toilet bowl, Conrad Renovates does not disappoint. Some of the show titles like A Proper Sh*thole pretty much say it all too.

And while the YouTube series makes for juicy television, Empson says the show is more of a journal to document his journey. “The show is there to just follow my story,” he explains. “Growing up you don’t learn how to buy a house in school. So we thought it would be fun to watch. But my main goal is to do the work and sell the house. This is a real business, not just a show. There’s real money and everything going into it. Nothing is staged and is 100% real.”

Plus the show is interactive

Empson is sincerely interested in interacting with fans and answering questions. “We have a special episode this week, an interview episode,” Empson says. “Viewers can send in questions and I’ll answer any questions about my background, yachting, Below Deck.” Questions can be posted to the YouTube comment section or Empson said to drop him a line via Instagram.

Conrad Renovates will run through the winter so viewers can watch what happens during the process, almost in real time. “Conrad Renovates has no end date and is currently a weekly upload,” Empson says. “The show is almost in real time too, about a week or two behind for edits.”

Empson says this about a return to yachting

Below Deck fans may have not seen the last of Empson, as he would consider going back to yachting. “I may have to pop back in and get more money,” he laughs. “I do enjoy yachting. But I don’t agree that once a yachtie always a yachtie. I went into it to save enough money, but not always live away from family and friends constantly. I want to have a real life. I always want to look at the bigger picture.” He adds having a variety of skills is important because deckhand skills aren’t necessarily transferable to other careers. “Trying to get a job out of yachting is pretty difficult and that’s why so many come out and go back in.”

He got into yachting through his mother. “My mum was in the industry and I wasn’t really going anywhere,” he says. “She said why don’t you check out yachting, it’s good money, and I’d never been in a boat before. And I thought why not.?” He completed his courses and scored his first job in the south of France. And the rest his Below Deck history. Empson says he was 19 years old and went straight into it and rose to the top quickly.

This is his take on the current ‘Below Deck’ season

As for the current show, Empson admits he’s “dabbled a bit” in watching Below Deck. “From what I’ve seen its bad management from the deck side,” he observes. “Like Rhylee should have been on the fishing trip and the hatred for her took over. You have to use everyone’s strengths.”  He adds you have to learn to work together and put your differences aside. When asked about third stew Caroline Bedol he only commented that the working environment seemed very difficult.

And does the yacht crew really party that hard between charters? “Yeah, well sort of,” he laughs. “The charters on Below Deck were short so we’d go out more often. It’s normal to do right after a charter. And drinking generally seems to be what you do.”

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