Cops Love Allison Tolman Ever Since ‘Fargo’

When FX premiered Fargo, Noah Hawley proved that he could live up to the Coen Brothers movie and introduced Allison Tolman as a police officer in the Marge Gunderson (Frances McDormand in the movie) tradition. Tolman is playing a policewoman again on ABC’s Emergence, only this time she is caring for a lost child named Piper (Alexa Swinton) and investigating her disappearance. She may soon find out that Piper is not from here.

Allison Tolman in Emergence
Allison Tolman in Emergence | Eric Liebowitz via Getty Images

Tolman spoke with reporters of the Television Critics Association this summer about her role in Emergence, and her relationship with police officers real and televised since Fargo. Emergence premieres tonight at 10 p.m. on ABC and airs Tuesdays this season.

Allison Tolman has fans in blue

While filming Emergence, the local police department heard about it and the chief just had to meet Allison Tolman.

Allison Tolman
Allison Tolman | Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

“You know ,the other day we were shooting in Union Beach, NJ and the police chief just kind of got wind that we were shooting and that the show also had a police chief in it,” Tolman said. “He just showed up on set and was like, ‘I want to park my car next to your car. Let’s take some pictures together.’ He gave me a bunch of T-shirts and some hats. I was like all right, police swag. That’s great.”

And she always respects the law

Maybe it’s fitting that she’s played so many cops because Allison Tolman is a law-abiding citizen.

Allison Tolman
Allison Tolman | MediaPunch/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

“I’ve never been arrested,” Tolman said. “I’ve been pulled over before and I’m the type of girl who will cry immediately. Just out of frustration and fear.  I always wanted to be a good student so I never snuck into movies. I never break the rules. I’m too much of a goody two shoes.”

Allison Tolman isn’t just a cop on ‘Emergence’

Allison Tolman plays Jo, who has a daughter of her own and a father in her life. She is also a police officer. 

“I see her as a fully formed human just kind of jumped off the page at me,” Tolman said. “I think that she’s Jo who is also a mom and a police officer. I think both those things inform her everyday goings on.”

She’s a great cop though

Whoever Piper is, Jo is the cop she wants on her case. Jo asks the right questions and she knows B.S. when she hears it. 

Allison Tolman and Alexa Swinton in Emergence
Alexa Swinton (L) and Allison Tolman (R) in Emergence | Giovanni Rufino via Getty Images

“I think that’s just the way her brain works. I think she’s a methodical thinker and I think that’s how her brain puts things together. I’ve been saying that I think Molly on Fargo was really a woman learning to find her confidence as an investigator and as a policewoman. Jo is already there. She’s already in charge. She doesn’t have to prove herself to anybody. I think that she has this hidden wealth of investigative talent that she’s never had to call upon, but when she is called upon, she’s like guess what? I’m good at this too. I can do this as well.”

Allison Tolman to the Television Critics Association, 8/5/19

Allison Tolman can’t wait for ‘Fargo’ season 4

FX announced a fourth season of Fargo. Chris Rock will star in a season set in the ‘50s, long before Molly. 

“I can’t wait,” Tolman said. “I’m such a fan of Noah’s. I’d watch anything Noah does. I think he’s a genius so it’s only a shame that we have to wait so long in between, but we get Legion in the in between.”

Fargo was a tough act to follow, but Tolman hopes Emergence follows it.

Alexa Swinton (L) and Allison Tolman (R) | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for PEOPLE

“I used to joke that Fargo ruined me forever because I just had the best experience. I worked with the best people. Those guys were amazing to me. We made such great television. I played a character who I loved, but I found as I’ve continued down this road I let that be the standard and I just don’t take roles that I don’t feel strongly about and that I don’t love. I am set in that place because of Fargo and because I feel comfortable saying why would I ever move that benchmark any lower?”

Allison Tolman to the Television Critics Association, 8/5/19