Cote de Pablo Shuts Down Interviewer When He Digs Up the Past (Nicely)

Cote de Pablo returned to NCIS as Ziva David in the final moments of season 16 to warn Agent Gibbs (Mark Harmon) of imminent danger. The season closed on a cliffhanger as fans everywhere anticipated how the former Mossad agent would play into season 17

Cote de Pablo of NCIS
Cote de Pablo of ‘NCIS’ | Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

So far, Cote de Pablo has appeared in two season 17 episodes. Teaming up with Gibbs to handle a formidable foe — a threat tracing all the way back to her deceased half-brother Ari — Ziva emerged from deep-undercover to protect her former boss, sacrificing everything for one more day with her beloved daughter. Ziva handled the threat; now, fans are anticipating a “Tiva” reunion with Michael Weatherly making a cameo for maximum impact. 

Cote de Pablo sat down for an interview with Extra to discuss her return to NCIS, what fans should expect moving forward, and more. However, when the interviewer brought up the past, the butt-kicking agent decided to steer clear of such territories. 

Cote de Pablo refuses to answer questions about why she left ‘NCIS’

Extra Interviewer, Billy Bush, and Cote de Pablo discussed the latter’s return to NCIS, describing it as “clandestine” and very “spy–” like; she, a few cameramen, Mark Harmon, and a handful of others were the only people around when she arrived to film the scene. 

When de Pablo returned to the NCIS set, it was late at night, and like an undercover operation, only those necessary were involved. Bush then asked Cote de Pablo, “When you left years ago, you said, you know, citing personal reasons. Are you open to talking about those now?” 

Cote de Pablo answered Billy Bush with one word: “No.” However, she went on to explain that she loves the question, and appreciates Bush’s directness. She explained that she will “feel comfortable enough to talk about it when the time is right.” 

Is Ziva back on ‘NCIS’ for good? 

As any good interviewer would, Bush tried to find out why Cote de Pablo left the show, before proceeding to ask how long she plans to stay. Cote de Pablo, when asked if the stay is “indefinite,” said “right now, it is a five-episode arc,” before going to explain that this is what they “talked about always.”

While Cote de Pablo continues to insinuate that she’s not sticking around, NCIS surprised fans with her return, so maybe they will surprise up with a prolonged stay following season 17. 

Cote de Pablo’s Ziva David is a fan-favorite and a character most viewers love having on the show. Watching her come back to witness her exit again (so soon) would be heartbreaking; however, if Ziva is only around for five episodes, fans will likely receive some needed closure, as her relationship with Gibbs sort of fractured upon her immediate exit, and these two deserve to close loose ends. They were like father and daughter, so fans deserve a proper farewell this time around.