Could Ahsoka Tano Appear in the Cassian Andor Series? A New Rumor About The Rosario Dawson Casting Suggests She Will

The “news” or rumors about Rosario Dawson taking on the live-action role of Ahsoka Tano sent shockwaves throughout the Star Wars fandom. While many were excited, others weren’t so sold on the news considering allegations surrounding Dawson’s past. It still hasn’t been confirmed by Lucasfilm or Disney. Still, there’s yet another rumor about the live-action version of Ahsoka, which increases her chances of showing up in the Cassian Andor series and maybe more. 

Ahsoka Tano in Season 7 of 'The Clone Wars,' where she first made her debut back in Season 1 in 2008.
Ahsoka Tano in Season 7 of ‘The Clone Wars,’ where she first made her debut back in Season 1 in 2008 | Disney+

A new rumor suggests that Rosario Dawson is signed on to play Ahsoka for multiple series

The original leak from Slashfilm came on March 20, and it said that Dawson would take on the role of Ahsoka in Season 2 of The Mandalorian. Again, that’s according to two undisclosed sources, but nothing official has come out since. Clayton Sandell, an ABC correspondent, tweeted that while he hadn’t heard Dawson was confirmed, he did say that Ahsoka appearing in Season 2 of the Disney+ show was true. 

But now, The Direct reports that their insider Daniel Richtman states that Dawson has a contract, and it includes a multi-show deal. So that not only means she would appear in The Mandalorian but also other series possibly even a standalone. 

Regardless of who plays Ahsoka in live-action form, it only makes sense for Ahsoka to appear in different places in live-action canon once she’s introduced in that medium. 

There are already so many connections between Ahsoka and ‘The Mandalorian’ series

As we’ve reported before, Ahsoka’s story as it is in The Clone Wars through Star Wars Rebels makes it easy to integrate her in The Mandalorian. Last fans saw Ahsoka, she met back up with Sabine Wren in the season finale of Rebels. Ezra is missing, the war is over (this is the same time as Return of the Jedi), and there’s a new adventure to be had.

The Mandalorian takes place five years after Return of the Jedi, and Moff Gideon has the Darksaber. For anyone who’s familiar with lore already, you know that the Darksaber belonged to Bo-Katan and then Sabine since it’s a Mandalorian relic. Maul had it for a bit before Sabine, but she was the last one to wield it. So that means Moff Gideon is connected to Ahsoka and Sabine. Which can connect those two to Mando and The Child since Moff Gideon will no doubt be after them again. 

Not to mention, Mando’s current goal is to find Baby Yoda’s people. Ahsoka used to be a Jedi and still is powerful in the Force. She’d be a great person for Mando to find to help with The Child. Plus, she knew Yoda pretty well and would be able to identify The Child better. 

If a live-action Ahsoka does happen, it only makes sense for her to appear in the Cassian Andor series, too

Since Ahsoka’s rumored live-action appearance was already tied to The Mandalorian, that’s a no-brainer in the contract if it happens. However, another major series that would make sense to include Ahsoka in, is the Cassian Andor series.

The whole point of the Cassian Andor series is to show his origin story. How did he get involved with the Rebellion in the first place? And why? From Rogue One, fans already know that Cassian lost a lot because of the Empire, and the series is reportedly casting younger versions of him and his sister. Did he lose her? Either way, he has a lot of motivation to be in the Rebel Alliance. 

Also, we know that he’s a part of the Fulcrum initiative. It’s a group of Rebel informants who all went by the codename “Fulcrum” to hide their identities. Cassian was a recruiter for the initiative. And the person who started that whole system was Ahsoka Tano. 

In Ahsoka by E.K. Johnston, it tells how she starts working for the Rebels post-Revenge of the Sith and how she comes up with the name “Fulcrum.” Their symbol is based on her facial markings. What better way to bring Ahsoka into Cassian’s series? It doesn’t seem like you can tell his origin without Ahsoka making even a brief cameo. 

Ahsoka is an essential character to Star Wars and she needs to continue on in animated and live-action form. While a sequel series to Star Wars Rebels would be nice, adding Ahsoka into live-action series or films was bound to happen. It’s almost a shock that it’s taken this long, considering how integral she is to Star Wars and how far her story spans, from the prequels all the way to The Rise of Skywalker.