Could Jason Tartick Be the Next Bachelor? Here’s Why We Think So

All of Bachelor Nation could feel Jason Tartick’s sadness as he was sent home by Becca Kufrin on Season 14 of The Bachelorette. If you need a reminder, during their date in Thailand, Kufrin could feel something wasn’t right. When she painted a picture of the future, she just couldn’t see Tartick in it. Before they even had the chance to enter the fantasy suite, Kufrin decided it was time to say goodbye.

As much as it pains us to say it, we saw his departure coming. Kufrin set up the episode by professing her love for both Garrett Yrigoyen and Blake Horstmann, but she was only “getting there” with Tartick. Nevertheless, it didn’t make their breakup any easier to watch.

Luckily, there could still be hope for Tartick. With each episode of the show, Tartick has only proven more and more why he deserves to be the next Bachelor. Here’s every reason why we don’t think Bachelor Nation is done with Tartick just yet.

The internet couldn’t deal with him leaving

First of all, it felt like the entire internet came together to mourn the loss of Tartick on the show. However, as sad as they were, they realized Tartick is now totally available to be the next Bachelor.


We’re thinking ABC could actually listen to fans this time around, considering they’re still shaming the network for choosing Arie Luyendyk Jr. as the last Bachelor instead of fan-favorite Peter Kraus. Another fan shared on social media, “IM CRYING. JASON FOR BACHELOR. ABC YOU SCREWED US OVER WITH ARIE INSTEAD OF PETER. FIX THIS!”

Jason Tartick and Becca Kufrin

Jason Tartick and Becca Kufrin | Jason Tartick via Instagram

Tartick’s return for more closure

After Kufrin sent Tartick home, fans were shocked to see him return on her doorstep. He wasn’t there to beg for her back, but he simply wanted more closure. He even gifted her with a scrapbook outlining their relationship, which made Bachelor Nation fall in love with him even more.

While we don’t doubt his motives were genuine, we also wouldn’t be surprised if ABC was using the footage to set Tartick up as the next Bachelor. Even past Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise contestant Evan Bass picked up on the move. He wrote on Twitter, “Jason: I wanted to close the door the right way. Subtext: I needed to make my bachelor application a little stronger #JASONFORBACHELOR.”

Another Twitter user shared a potential scenario: “Producers- ‘Jason, do you want to be the next bachelor?’ Jason- ‘yes’ Producers- ‘ok, go back in there, give Becca this scrapbook, and make sure you cry a little. It’ll drive the ladies crazy.’” Whether or not this is the case, it definitely worked.

Tartick would actually make for an entertaining season

We don’t doubt that Tartick’s season of The Bachelor would actually provide for some great entertainment. One of the major complaints about Luyendyk Jr.’s season was how dry his personality came across on-camera, so we’re hoping ABC takes Tartick’s dynamic personality into consideration.

While Tartick would surely take his journey seriously, he’s already proven his ability to spill his heart every time he’s on the screen. Even while being sent home, Tartick told Kufrin, “I’m rooting for your happiness, and I hope you find it.” If he has more lines like that up his sleeve, we’re all going to be crying messes each episode of his season.

Not only does he put it all out there, but he’s actually a good guy and has an amazing sense of humor. Plus, according to Kufrin, he’s a great kisser. Tartick is literally the whole package, so we’re crossing our fingers that ABC already has him in mind as the next Bachelor.