Could Kim Kardashian Actually Help Free Mike ‘The Situation’ From Prison Early?

Remember Jersey Shore’s resident muscled up eye candy, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino? Well, the successful reality TV star is in prison thanks to dabbling in illegal tax acts. Sorrentino is no stranger to the law. He’s had several run-ins including bounced checks related to his Boca Tanning Club franchise, and assault. By far his biggest screw up was trying to get out of paying Uncle Sam. Now it looks like his number’s up and he’ll be paying a much bigger price than just the substantial drop in his net worth.

Recap: Why is Mike ‘The Situation’ in prison?

Sorrentino screwed up big time trying to pull the wool over Uncle Sam’s eyes. Tax evasion is no joke, and somehow the reality star thought he’d get away with “stealing” millions of dollars from the IRS. In 2014, Sorrentino and his brother were indicted for filing false tax returns. Despite making over $2 million in 2011, the reality star didn’t even bother to report his income. In 2015, Sorrentino and his co-conspirators pleaded guilty to defrauding the IRS out of anywhere between $550,000 and $1.5 million.

Additional charges were made in 2017 for tax evasion via underreported income, fake deductions, mixing business and personal income, and even using his business income for personal items. Last year, Sorrentino pleaded guilty to the additional charges netting him prison time, restitution, and fines. Now he’s looking for Kim Kardashian to help, but why?

Kim Kardashian helped free Alice Johnson

Kardashian already pulled some strings to free one prisoner, Alice Johnson. Who’s Alice Johnson? She’s a 63-year-old grandmother who served 22 years in prison after being convicted of her first crime in 1996. During hard times Johnson found herself between a rock and a hard place. To make ends meet she got involved in a cocaine distribution ring. The crime was classified as a nonviolent drug offense. Despite it being her first time, and it being nonviolent she was sentenced to not only a life term but 25 additional years in prison.

While Obama was president he freed several prisoners who were serving unusually long terms; surprisingly the well-behaved Johnson wasn’t one of them. Thankfully the reality TV star came to the rescue.

Kim Kardashian met with Donald Trump to talk prison reform

Kardashian said she would do whatever it takes to get Johnson out of prison, and she did. In May 2018, on Johnson’s 63rd birthday, Kardashian scheduled an appointment to meet with the POTUS himself. The unlikely pair discussed prison reform, with Johnson being at the forefront of the discussion. Being sentenced to federal prison meant that her only hope for freedom was clemency granted by the president and that’s what the beauty mogul and her attorney pushed for.

Considering the lengths she went to, to free the model prisoner, it’s no wonder The Situation’s boy, Vinny Guadagnino, wants her on his side.

Will Kim Kardashian be able to help Mike?

The Situation’s new “home base” has already been decided. He’ll be spending eight months at the Federal Correctional Institution in Otisville, NY. That is — unless Kardashian-West will do something about it.

Guadagnino, Sorrentino’s fellow Jersey Shore star, has pleaded with Kardashian to help get his boy out of prison. While The Situation is handling his prison sentence well, Guadagnino feels the star will be a better member of society if he wasn’t behind bars. According to him, Sorrentino is already reformed and is an advocate for drug recovery. His potential positive contributions to society far outweigh his eight-month prison sentence.

Kim K. helped not just Johnson, but Cyntonia Brown and Matthew Charles receive clemency, but it’s unlikely she’ll help Sorrentino. After all, stars very rarely serve their full sentences in prison and in his case his punishment fits his crime. Not to mention he’ll have some pretty cool bunkmates, Michael Cohen, and Billy McFarland.