Could MTV’s Production Crew Testify Against Jenelle Evans and David Eason?

It’s been a crazy few months for former Teen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans and her husband, David Eason. Not only did Eason murder the family dog, but Evans found herself sans employment and battling to regain custody of the three children that lived in her home at the time of the incident. Now, fans are wondering if MTV’s production crew could potentially get involved with the case, or if any footage captured by the team could be used against the Easons.

Will MTV’s production crew testify against Jenelle Evans and David Eason?

Plenty of people have been called to testify against Evans and Eason in their ongoing custody battle. Eason’s 11-year-old daughter, Maryssa was called to the stand this week. The preteen was asked to share what she witnessed while living in the house. Its likely Nathan Griffith, Barbara Evans, and Whitney Johnson will also recount their run-ins with the married couple. Teachers have also allegedly been served with paperwork. One group is likely to be suspiciously absent, though, according to The Ashley Reality Group.

MTV producers and film crews reportedly won’t be testifying. According to The Ashley Reality Group, an inside source claims they were told by MTV to not to respond to any request or to sign for any paperwork related to Evans’ ongoing custody battle. The team behind Teen Mom 2 has been asked to forward any requests to Viacom’s lawyers. Viacom is the company that owns MTV.

Will Teen Mom 2 footage be used against the couple?

It’s unlikely that any footage captured by the Teen Mom 2 cameras could be used in court. Because the show is heavily edited the footage would be unlikely to be admissible in court.

Staging of scenes also comes into play. If scenes for the show are staged, which many of them are, Evans and Eason could argue that the footage collected is not reality, but somewhat concocted for entertainment purposes. Because of this, the team prosecuting Evans and Eason are unlikely even to try to utilize footage caught by the production’s cameras. What they can use, however, are some of the 25 911 call recordings that came in from and about the residents. The calls allegedly occurred all within the last 12 months.

Who is most likely to be called to testify against David Eason and Jenelle Evans?

While the MTV production team probably has a unique view of the couple, they aren’t the ones who are likely to have the most damning insight. Those closest to both Evans, Eason and their children will likely prove to be of value to the state. Griffith, for example, will probably be called to the stand to discuss his concerns about his young son, Kaiser. Griffith has called the police several times for wellness checks on the preschooler and is thought to be the individual who first alerted police to Nugget’s death.

Barbara Evans is likely to prove invaluable as a witness, as well. The 68-year-old grandmother has insight into the relationship between Evans and Eason and is also profoundly aware of the impact the living conditions have had on the children. The elder Evans also has physical custody of Jace, 9. Jace is Evans’ eldest child. His father, Andrew, is not in the picture.

Teachers and Eason’s ex-wife, Whitney Johnson are also likely on the witness list. Teachers may be called to testify about what the children told them about their home life. Kaiser’s pre-school teacher is believed to have reported the incident to CPS. Maryssa has been homeschooled by Eason since he gained custody.