Could Peggy Carter Have Become Captain America in the MCU?

Fans of the MCU know the classic tale of Captain America. Soldier Steve Rogers becomes Cap. In the comics, Captain America’s love interest, British agent Peggy Carter, becomes Captain America.

When Marvel brought Captain America’s story to the big screen, many fans hoped Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) would end up as Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Would Peggy have made a good Cap?

Who is Peggy Carter?

Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter
Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter | Marvel Studios

Margaret “Peggy” Carter first appeared in the Marvel comic book, Tales of Suspense #75, in 1966. She was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby to be a love interest of Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, going alongside him on several missions.

According to her bio, she became a skilled fighter as a teenager when she joined the French resistance during World War II. Because of her self-sufficiency, she stands out prominently. When Captain America is presumed to be dead, Peggy lives a quiet life for many years.

In the 2018 comic book, Exiles #3Peggy lives up to her full potential as Captain America herself. The idea came to writers, Saladin Ahmed and Javier Rodriguez, after they saw the video game, Marvel Puzzle Quest. The game had a popular character design for Peggy Carter as Captain America in an alternate reality where Steve Rogers is killed and Peggy takes the super-soldier serum in his place.

Creators of the game thought that it would be fun for players to encounter all versions of Cap and the writers of the comic book felt that the character would inspire and resonate with fans.  

What is Peggy Carter like in Marvel films?

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Peggy Carter first appears in Captain America: The First Avenger. She is one of the founders of S.H.I.E.L.D., the special law enforcement and counter-terrorism agency.

During and after WWII, she was an agent of the Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR). Working with the scientist Dr. Erskine, who was in charge of training the Captain America hopefuls, she was around when Steve Rogers, a skinny kid from Brooklyn, was discovered.

Peggy took Steve under her wing and believed in him even before he was chosen.Steve got the Captain America costume and shield with Peggy’s help. She is a master spy who can effortlessly switch between accents to maintain her cover and an expert martial artist, marksman, and master investigator who can see clues others miss. 

Along the way, the two of them become romantically involved. After Steve crashes his plane into ice and is believed to be dead, Peggy marries another man and has two children. The only thing we know about Peggy’s husband is that Steve saved his life during the war.

At the end of the movie The Avengers: Endgame, Steve goes back in time to find Peggy, and they wind up having their “happily ever after.”

What is Peggy Carter like on TV?

The ABC television series Agent Carter finally put a female character at the forefront. In the show, Carter balances office work with her secret spy work.

She spends a lot of time getting undermined by her foes and allies alike but uses it to her strategic advantage. She’s a strong and independent woman who proves herself to be smarter and more capable than her male counterparts, but there’s no suggestion of her taking on the role of Captain America.

Peggy Carter as Captain America

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Even though Peggy Carter is British, fans believe that she has the ability to make a heroic sacrifice and fight for the American ideals of justice and freedom. She has no superpowers, but she does have the bravery to take the super-soldier serum even though it could kill her.

Peggy also has the needed training to use her new powers for good. There’s something about Peggy Carter as Captain America that’s just super-compelling. Let’s hope that someday it happens.