Could Teaming Up With John Mulaney Be Exactly What Pete Davidson Needed?

John Mulaney Instagram

A noticeably lighter and sillier Pete Davidson appeared on Saturday Night Live, along with new comedy partner John Mulaney. The comedian has been laying low after his ominous post on Instagram surfaced. Which caused authorities to make a well check on Davidson.

Mulaney and Davidson’s movie review appearance on SNL flicked at Davidson’s cry for help, while the pair delivered a hilarious review of Clint Eastwood’s film The Mule. Clear during the comedian’s Weekend Update appearance is that friendship and bond formed between the two comedians. With Mulaney reassuring Davidson he is loved and valued. Amid a few tender moments was gut-busting comedy and Mulaney’s delivery was so funny, he got Davidson to breakdown laughing thanks to his reference The Mule-any.

The Internet responded with gales of positive posts as everyone can’t get enough of this comedy duo and fast friends.

Mulaney and Davidson are on tour

The duo is offering their blockbuster set to a limited number of cities in the Northeast. The pair were supposed to perform in Wilkes Barre, Pennslyvania but the winter storm prevented them from performing. Mulaney announced the show postponement on Instagram. “BAD NEWS WILKES BARRE, PA. Due to the weather warnings and the State of Emergency in Pennsylvania, the Kirby Center and Pete and I, have decided it is not safe to keep the show tomorrow night as scheduled. We are truly sorry. And we only do this when safety and good sense calls for it. The show will be moved to March 16. All tickets will be honored. We shot this video in one take. Please be safe and see you soon. Love, John Mulaney and Pete Davidson.”

While fans were bummed they couldn’t help but notice in the background the movie Avengers: Infinity War was on. “OU GUYS ARE WATCHING INFINITY WAR BUT WHY AM I NOT SEEING ANY TEARS,” one person wrote.

Davidson looks happy in Mulaney’s posts

Mulaney is filling his Instagram with plenty of funny posts that include Davidson. He even poked fun, comparing his green room to Davidson’s. Mulaney’s green room is clean and neat. Stocked with plenty of vegetables and almond milk.

Then, Mulaney features a few images of Davidson’s green room. Included are several friends laying around on couches on their phones. Plus take-out boxes are strewn over tables in addition to a large cooler next to a coffee table. In another post, the pair seemed to be goofing around eating pizza with the caption, “Ridiculous.”

Mulaney and Davidson really go for it on ‘SNL’

If their SNL appearance is anything like their standup, then fans are in for a real treat. Davidson first appears on Weekend Update alone where Davidson says he’s on the segment to talk about a topic that is important to him. Anchor Colin Jost asks, “Mental health?” But Davidson responds, “The new Clint Eastwood movie, The Mule.

He invites Mulaney to join him to review the film. Mulaney then addresses their bond. “I have been spending time with Pete to try to show him you can have a comedy that is not insane. A sober domestic life.” Davidson then says, “After observing John’s life, I publicly threatened suicide,” he laughs. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t make that joke. It is funny though.”

Twitter fans had a positive response to the appearance. “This was one of the best written shows in a long time-millennials , the urn , Elizabeth Warren, Leslie Jones, and best of all , this one about Mule. These two together was priceless. Yay for Pete Davidson. His smile just radiates,” one fan wrote. Another person simply wrote, “i very much support john mulaney being pete davidson’s father now.”

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