Could Teresa Giudice’s Connection to President Trump Help Joe’s Deportation Appeal?

Joe Giudice has been released from a federal prison in Pennsylvania, but that isn’t exactly happy news for his family. Instead of heading home to New Jersey as a free man, Giudice, 46, has been transferred into the custody of ICE agents. Giudice will remain in the care of ICE until his immigration appeal is heard by a judge. Giudice, who was ordered to be deported back to his native Italy has been battling the order since October 2018.

When will Giudice’s appeal be heard?

While Giudice is now hanging out in an immigration detention center, that doesn’t mean his appeal process is over. According to The SGM Law Group, an appeal can take up to 180 days to be heard. Giudice filed his appeal back in November, which means he may have at least a month in the immigration center before a judge even looks at his paperwork.

Giudice was ordered to leave the country because he never became a citizen, even though he’s lived in the United States for the majority of his life. Teresa Giudice, Joe’s wife, has spoken at length about his current plight. The couple, who share Italian heritage, met as children and began dating in their 20s. They married in 1999 and have four children together. Their oldest daughter, Gia, is due to start college in the fall.

Could Teresa Giudice’s relationship with President Trump help?

Teresa Giudice famously appeared on Celebrity Apprentice in 2012. According to Entertainment Tonight, Andy Cohen quizzed Giudice about whether she had reached out to the now-president for help with her husband’s immigration issues. Giudice claims she had not reached out the current head of the United States government but was interested in speaking to him if he’d be willing to reach out. Cohen quipped that Trump probably has more important issues to attend to, so perhaps it would be best if she reached out first.

Teresa and Joe Giudice
Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice Foundation (Photo by Bobby Bank/WireImage)

The interview with Cohen happened back in November 2018. Since then Giudice has flip-flopped on her decision regarding the future of her relationship with her husband of nearly 20 years. Back in November, Giudice claimed she had no plans to divorce Juicy Joe. More recently, however, Giudice noted that she would not carry on a long-distance relationship and has no plans on moving to Italy. That means, if Joe gets deported, divorce proceedings will begin. She spoke candidly about her decision on The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion Special.

Can the president stop a deportation order?

While Giudice might be well acquainted with the president, whether or not he could stop the deportation of her husband is a bit complicated. According to The Immigration Defense Project, the president does have the ability to pardon an individual. In theory, Trump could move to cancel Giudice’s deportation order.

Teresa Giudice Appears on 'Celebrity Apprentice'
(l-r) Donald Trump, Steve Higgins, Jimmy Fallon, and Teresa Giudice
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The complication in Giudice’s case, however, is his current felony conviction. Because he failed to become a United States citizen before his crimes, Giudice’s ability to achieve United States citizenship, even if he is allowed to stay in the country is a murky matter.

Giudice had multiple opportunities to become a citizen during his time in the United States. His parents, who emigrated with Joe when he was just 1-year-old have become United States citizens. Because he married a United States citizen, he also had the chance to apply for citizenship through marriage. He failed to do so, leaving him in hot water with the government.