Could There Be a ‘Sharp Objects’ Season 2?

Sharp Objects | HBO

How many times have you heard this story before? A network airs what is pitched to audiences as a miniseries that will have no Season 2, but when the reviews are rapturous and the ratings soar through the roof, the creators go back on what they said and decide to make a second season after all. That’s what happened with FargoTrue DetectiveBig Little Lies13 Reasons Why, and American Vandal to name just a few. So could it happen to Sharp Objects? Might there be a second season?

In a recent interview, the showrunner, Marti Noxon, leaned strongly towards no, but she definitely did not rule it out entirely.

“I mean, I never say never, I guess,” she said. “I think for us, it’s less about whether…you know, that team, it was pretty hard to assemble in the first place. The idea of doing [that again] seems next to impossible.”

That’s certainly not a no, then, and as Vanity Fair points out, that sounds exactly like what the creators of Big Little Lies said about the possibility of a second season after Season 1 ended. Back in 2017, after all, when director Jean-Marc Vallée was asked if they’d make more episodes, he said, “No, no, this is the perfect ending. There is no way; there’s no reason to make a Season 2. That was meant to be a one-time deal, and it’s finishing in a way where it’s for the audience to imagine what can happen. If we do a Season 2, we’ll break that beautiful thing and spoil it.” And then HBO went and made a Season 2 anyway, albeit without Vallée’s involvement.

Noxon previously commented on the possibility of a second season at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour, suggesting that there wouldn’t be any more Sharp Objects but again not totally and completely ruling it out.

“We’re not talking about a Season 2,” Noxon said. “This is it, so bask in it while you can.”

Obviously, “we’re not talking about a Season 2” is a different statement than “we’re definitely not going to make a Season 2,” and she said the former, not the latter.

Sharp Objects

Sharp Objects | HBO

The Wrap asked the natural follow-up question to HBO’s Casey Bloys at the TCAs: why wouldn’t Sharp Objects continue if Big Little Lies did? Both are shows originally pitched as miniseries based on books that did not have sequels. Bloys explained that the difference is that the whole cast of Big Little Lies wanted to do more, whereas Amy Adams does not want to do more Sharp Objects, or at least he doesn’t think she does.

“I believe she doesn’t want to play that character again, which I completely understand,” Bloys said. “It’s a lot to take on, and without her I just don’t see.”

But that still leaves open the possibility that Adams could change her mind and a second season will end up moving forward. It’s certainly tough to imagine what would be the driving force of Season 2, but there are some plot points that happen in the book that were left out of the HBO adaptation, including (spoiler alert!) the fallout of the revelation about Amma. The novel does not cut off so abruptly as the show did.

Some have also suggested that HBO could do what FX did with Fargo: retroactively make Sharp Objects an anthology of female-centric crime stories, and so Season 2 could star an entirely new cast and have nothing to do with the first one. That might sound unnecessary, but after the impressive ratings Sunday’s finale scored, HBO has to at least be considering it.