Could There Be an ‘It: Chapter 3’? Here Are Some Theories About a Potential Third Movie

We all float down here. The latest film chapter of Stephen King’s It recently premiered in theaters worldwide. Still, even with all the cruel jokes and tricks, some fans hope they haven’t seen the last of Pennywise. Here’s what cast members and director Andres Muschietti had to say about a potential third It movie.

This article contains spoilers from It: Chapter Two!

The sequel to ‘It,’ entitled ‘It: Chapter Two’ premiered in theaters this September

Twenty-seven years passed since the Loser Club last faced Pennywise. Now, this killer clown is back to torment the residents of Derry. Even though Pennywise was defeated during It: Chapter Two, some fans are wondering what’s the next chapter of this horror story.

Could there be a prequel to It? Will there be a movie detailing what happened during those twenty-seven years without Pennywise? Thanks to the director of It: Chapter Two, there may be a possible third movie in the same universe.

Alexander Skarsgård and Bill Skarsgård of 'IT Chapter Two'
Alexander Skarsgård and Bill Skarsgård of ‘IT Chapter Two’ | Photo by Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images

Could there be a third ‘It’ movie?

With two movies and a large fanbase, some are wondering what happens next to Beverly, Bill, and the rest of the Losers Club. Even the director of both movies thought about the possibility of another movie. During an interview, director Andre Muschietti elaborated on a potential spin-off movie based on It and It: Chapter Two. Unfortnuately, that movie won’t be made for a while.

“There is a whole mythology to the book,” Andres Muschietti said. “Mythology is something that always has opportunities to explore. It has been on Earth for millions of years. He’s been in contact with humans for hundreds of years, every 27 years. So you can imagine the amount of material… It’s always exciting to think of eventually exploring this mythology. It’s very exciting. But, for now, there’s nothing on the table.”

Some Stephen King fans wonder what this third movie could be about

Even though It: Chapter Two was a fairly long movie, there were a few scenes from the book that were excluded for the sake of time. Because the sequel ended on a “positive” note, some fans believe another movie could go backward in time, revealing more of the origin story of Pennywise. Even Bill Skarsgård, who portrays the evil clown entity has a few ideas for an upcoming It-related movie.

“[Director] Andy [Muschietti] and I have discussed ideas for what a third movie would look like,” Skarsgård said during an interview with Arrow in the Head. “I don’t think it’s quite what people expect. It’s something different. The first two stories are the book, and the second film is the end of that story. So we would do something quite literally off-book. There are a few ideas floating around. I feel like I’ve done what I can with the incarnation of Pennywise as we know of him, so I think it would be a cool idea to change up a few things.”

It: Chapter Two is currently playing in theaters.